Friday, March 31

Fish right and Su Chan also revealed the color of shocking。

They naturally guess the identity of this person in Lin Fengkou。
Master of the wooden,Su Xiangyang!
Su Xiangyang is in the entire path,It is a very small number of five major princes.,That is a real identity。
Even the high-rise elders of all parties,In front of Su Xiangyang, I didn’t dare to take the shelf.。
These legendary characters,It’s hard to see if you want to see it.,I didn’t expect Lin Feng actually invited him.。
Su Chan can’t help but open,“Lin brother,How can Su Shi brother participate in our party??”
In her opinion,Su Xiangyang has achievements in the field of frontals,Another one is that his identity is too high.。
Welcome everyone’s gaze,Lin Feng smiled,“I deliberately invited the master to come over.。”
“What is busy??”
Everyone is curious。
Lin Feng Shen Sheng,“Two days ago,I saw the little fat man of Zhenlong back.。”
Everyone is unique,Quirky。
Their mind,The first time has emerged、Abdominal black、Tired little fat。
This fat man is extremely high,But he is not refining,Stealing chicken every day to touch the sun。
His biggest wish is——Lying in the starry sky,not moving at all,Until the old land。
Then he did so,From time to time, some moths are made in Chaos City.。
The talents of the little fat man are too superior.,Even if you don’t deliberately practice,A strength can also grow like a flying。
The fish, right, and the face of the face, a touch of faint smile。
“Hundred years ago,I heard one thing,Zhenlong bet in the Chaos City in public and his teacher,Said to play a game-seeking game。”
Merely,The smile on the face of the fish is even more obvious.,“Then the town dragon ran,Hundred years,His Master is looking for,Has been crazy,Those who want to interrupt his legs later,He actually returned?”
Lin Feng nodded,Convergence,“I saw him before.,That kid actually told me,He has broken through the recipe level。”
Fall into the voice,Everyone in the field is very surprised.。
“you sure?”
The look of the right of the fish also gains,“Really reached the print level?”
Lin Feng nod again,“This news has not been passed out.,Once you pass it, it is stone broken sky.,That represents the landscape of the young generation will rewrite。”
Fish right and Su Chan are deeply used。
“I broke through a hundred years ago.,Fisherman broke through 50 years ago,It is a small fat man of Zhenlong,Fish sister,to be honest,I have now produced a sense of crisis.。”
Paused,Lin Feng also,“Previous year,I found a pair of pictures in accidents.,The swords and horizons in the figure,Hidden mystery。”
His character is bright,Not hidden,“Experienced,I think that the picture is hidden in a sharp set of powerful swords.,Unfortunately, I have never been able to solve it.,Helpless, I have to help the master.,Master also promised to come today。”
Su Han and the right of the fish right also brightly。
“I don’t know if we can ask Su Shi brother?”
They also have troublesome years、Puzzle related to large blocking。