Friday, March 31

Shouldn’t,When I called the Greek children,Every time care of her time,She will have a show on the face of fun。

It’s acting style in personality do?
Or looking for Greek children talk?
Hanjiang decided against it,He intends to change the Greek children tell Pueblo Antonia,Then let Buloh Antonia to ask the Greek children。
If it is really mind what’s wrong,布洛妮娅拉 enlighten necessarily the best results。
If only personality in control of the body,That’s nothing serious,After all, no matter what the personality of the Greek children,Have a favorite Pueblo Antonia。
Six hundred and twentieth chapters Investigation of intelligence on weapons factory
“Han Jiang,Weapons factory there findings came out。”
Quiet Lan Daier the Hanjiang launched a communication request,After that pick up this result。
“Although the dominant law have already been disposed of,But as the investigation mission partner,I have a duty to inform you of this information。”
Hanjiang under consideration,Reply:“Where are you now,I will be right over。”
“I was here at the base。”
Hanging up the communication,Hanjiang smiling Antonia few people said to Pueblo:“I am here a little things to deal with it,You guys chat,If there is anything you would feel free to contact me。”
“good,You go in peace,There Antonia in Pueblo。”Bullock Antonia’s answer always makes you feel at ease。
Rosa Leah then getting in the way,Hanjiang hands, grasp the arm,The tail behind him swayed,Xingzhi rushing:“What is going on,Is it a legal??”
Her words let Baronia、Hi Jier、Lily and the surrounding staff have been vigilant。
Lily ran to the other side,Looking forward to watching Hanjiang。
They think,The slightest Hidden in the partner is over with the law.,They can’t fall into two natural。
Han Jiang immediately gave Roshalia a melon:“Of course not a law,The law has been destroyed.,What is your head?。”
“Well”Roshalia hugged the brain,The tail behind him pulls down,Say that:“I thought it was a law.,Boring。”
Lily is afraid that Hanjiang’s thonow is collapsed on her head.,After returning, I followed a few steps.:“Boring”
“All right,All right。”Han Jiang patted her hand:“The domain of the law is likely to end in this time for more than three months.,What I have to deal with now is a factory that has been investigated before.,What is the law?。” “You two。”Han Jiang’s eyes swept through Roshalian sisters,Then fall in Hiinger,“Hidden,Listening to Balonia here,Don’t run,do you know?”
“understood”Roshalia dragged long tones,Their tasks are likely to be left behind.。
Bronia said:“There are still a lot of collapse and beasts in the city.,As long as you don’t tease the procedure from the order,I will consider bringing you together.。”
This sentence saved the emotions of Roshalia,I am busy with my side of Bonia.:“Really,Really?”
Roshalia and Lilya have reachedBLevel of female martial arts,In addition to the mind is too small,It has been completely watching two qualified soldiers.。
The reason is very interested in fighting,That’s because the night after each mission ends.,Balonia or leads their people who go out,Will not limit the number of desserts in two people。
Two girls said on their mouths,To eliminate collapse,In fact, I still want to eat some desserts.。
“Then I will go this.。”Han Jiang said again。