Thursday, June 1

“You are strong,Worth my all,This is my respect for you!”White armor,The tone of speech was a little trembling,Fuming understand,This is the excitement of seeing a real opponent。

“I should feel honored!”
The energy of the two churned,Rush to the opponent,Two punches facing each other,Energy churns out。
“he,Stronger than yesterday!”Bai Ai talks to herself,Retreat rapidly。
“really,breakthroughCAfter level,Strength increased again”Fuming’s heart was filled with excitement,The attack on the hand becomes more and more rapid。
“Combat skills-Real Dragon Hand-Turn over the clouds!”Dragon Claw Condensation,Boom to Baiai,Bai Ai takes out his weapon to resist“clang”White was knocked back with a clear sound。
“I go,Why did Ye Fuming become so fierce?”The bald head took a bite of fruit,The elegant man fanned and stared at the ring。
Each of them took a few steps back,Look at each other。
Bai Bai’s breathing is a little short,This Ye Fuming’s attack is too strong,I can’t keep my hands anymore!The energy of the body rises sharply,The breath becomes more and more terrifying。
Strong wind blew around the ring,Everyone was shocked,The breath of this energy is clearlyClevel!This Bai Ai actually broke throughClevel。
Tengxuan breathed a sigh of relief“It’s really hard enough!”The other teachers stared wide-eyed,I’m already overwhelmed in my heart,This white is actually!!!
The elders above do not seem to have much fluctuation,After all, the way of genius,It’s hard for others to imagine。
And there was a little worry in Lingxi’s eyes,A few red golden sparks appeared out of thin air around me,Qu Anlie noticed Lingxi’s psychological fluctuations,Patted Ling Xi on the shoulder,Tell Lingxi not to get excited,Ling Xi turned to look at the ring。
“Ye Fuming,You deserve my best!”White voice came,Fuming was a little surprised,But there is no unnecessary fluctuation,Don’t seem to worry。
Bai Ai looked at Fuming with indifferent eyes,Inexplicably upset,I just think Ye Fuming was scared and stupid。
“Give me defeat!”A pale blue light appeared around Bai Ai,This is the wind attribute,Rapid increase in speed,I arrived in front of Fuming in an instant“Combat skills-Tear the wind and break the stream!”
Jianying rushes towards Fuming,Fu Ming took out the halberd to fight back,Every time a weapon touches,Bai Ai’s heart is more frightened“how come,How can he tell the trajectory of my sword!”
“It seems,I have to use my best”After talking about Fuming, the breath rose rapidly,Self-fuming,A lightning aperture expands outward,White eyes wide open,Back quickly“Combat skills-Sword yuan shield!”Bai Bai waved his sword to resist the attack of thunder and lightning。
The person underneath opened his mouth wide,Completely confused,Both are actuallyClevel!