Thursday, June 1

Li Tianchou was dumbfounded,Then I feel as uncomfortable as if I ate a fly in my mouth,Yuxing’s current situation is better than what he saw during the day,I heard it sucks,What happened to this world,All crazy?

“He wants to turn the car dealership off,Said it’s big business,I disagree,Then I asked Lao Fu to persuade me,I scolded this silly fork away,Finally, I changed my old Zhu,Special,I wanted to pick up a hammer and beat him,Not for the sake of many years of brothers……Wow……Cough。”
Qi Baozhu is talking,Suddenly coming up,Spit out,Xu was too strong just now,And because I’ve been depressed for too long,Li Tianchou quickly patted the opponent on the back,Turn around and shout‘Piggy’Come and clean up。
Changed the seat again,Qi Baozhu is still coughing,Tears,The little fat man brought a glass of water,After Li Tianchou took it, he signaled Qi Baozhu not to speak,Then I kept watching each other silently,He knows that the conversation is not over。
“I talked with a girlfriend,Have to give her a quiet life。”Qi Baozhu washed his face with clear water,This makes me feel better,“Without this car dealership,I don’t know what else to do。”
Li Tianchou nodded,Pat the back of the opponent’s hand for comfort,“Congratulations,Where is the girl from?”
“BeforeSZCity part-time job,Fukuyama who arrived later,I met in Wenhui’s bar。”
“Ok,Not bad。Treat others well in the future。”Li Tianchou took a long breath,I want to blow all the resentment accumulated in my chest to this noisy night sky,“Do not worry,Although I don’t do anything to be the boss,But no one in this car dealer wants to take it from you。”
“Do you remember Luo Jun??”
“Oh?You have news from him?!”This is undoubtedly an unexpected surprise,How can Li Tianchou forget that he has taken in his enthusiastic eldest brother after several difficulties。
“Came to Fukuyama last week,It happened by coincidence,he isSZThe city’s car repair business has gone bad,Said it was after the store was sold,Come and join me。”
“It seems I came back by coincidence,Must find a time to gather,Luo Jun is good,Is a trusted brother。”
“I didn’t hide the situation from him,He doesn’t mind。”
“Ok,Luo Jun practical,And have ideas,You two find another place to open together,Don’t worry about money,Count me at that time。”Li Tianchou checked the bank card in his pocket,The instructor is really not stingy,With subsidies and expenses,How comfortable it is to spend the first half of the year,Urgently,Why don’t you give the small steel pillars?。
“How can i use your money。”Qi Baozhu shook his head like a rattle,“I’ll talk to you when I don’t have enough money。”
Li Tianchou understands each other’s character,Not forced,With Luo Jun’s participation and help,He believed that Qi Baozhu would cheer up again,If you are lucky, you should be able to avoid the Yuxing chaos that may occur in the future。