Friday, March 31

“What are you talking about?Where are you going?This is a society where the weak eat the strong,You get so much attention,This shows you are talented,Has threatened the interests of some people,If you really go,Isn’t the leader who suffers?You have passed the first level of Brother Long,Are we still afraid that Xu Sanduo will fail?”Gu Yue said with an angry look。

It’s all for this,Xia Jian can’t say anything。At noon,Two people ordered a takeaway,Had a potluck at the desk,Started work。
This head gets into work,Just forgot anything。For a new apartment,Xia Jian is looking up all online materials at home and abroad,Finally, the current plan is the best,He signed his name on it。When signing this,Xia Jian really didn’t feel good,After all, he uses a pseudonym。
I also had dinner with Gu Yue in the office,The two of them are actually holding a breath in their hearts,Appointment tonight at nine o’clock,Good and bad,So no one can relax。
Finished eating,The two went downstairs together,Go to the exercise room on the back of the first floor。As long as it is a place for security guards to exercise。
When you push the door open,Where are more than a dozen men and women practicing hot,Singles,There are also duels。Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head,This is just a temporary holdover,Reliable fighting is the basic skills,The basics can’t be learned in two strokes。
Everyone saw that Gu Yue was here,Then stopped,One after another came over to say hello to Gu Yue,It looks very familiar。Gu Yue smiled and said:“Don’t contact you usually,This connection is still doing something like this,Don’t you blame me!”
“See what the boss said”Everyone rushed to say。Boss?Gu Yue is still the boss?Xia Jian is a little puzzled。
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See Xia Jian looking at herself like this,Gu Yue said with a smile:“Sorry,When I was in high school,Used to be their eldest sister,So they keep calling me boss。Actually, my boss didn’t do anything bad,Just lead them to fight”Gu Yue said,I lowered my head embarrassedly。
This Gu Yue really impressed Xia Jian,Such a beautiful woman,How can I get involved with these thingsAnd it’s still older,This is too surprising。But I heard Xiaoting say that Gu Yue beat Chen San,Xia Jian thought Xiao Ting was flattering,Deliberately exaggerated,But now it seems,This thing is really true。
“how about it?Although these guys have not received formal training,But everyone is a master of fighting,There was a group fight with soldiers of the army,They didn’t win either”When Gu Yue said this,,Smug。
Xia Jian laughed,Gave a thumbs up to Gu Yue。It seems that when this woman was young,Also a demon king,This is somewhat similar to my own life experience。
Gu Yue clapped her hands,Call everyone together and say:“It’s been a long time, everyone。Please come here today,Explain that the point is fighting。So-called fight,You must know better than me,Everything is unpredictable,If someone wants to quit,What’s more。Even if you don’t help me tonight,We are still good friends“
Gu Yue’s words are finished,But no one came out。