Friday, March 31

Guan Tingna came back from Buchuan,She said to Xia Jian:“We did this very beautifully。Has fired the first shot in Pingdu,So I think we have to take advantage of the victory”

“Oh!Do you have any good ideas,Can tell”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Guan Tingna took a long breath and said:“I think I have to find them for some projects tomorrow。This time they should have no reason to refuse”
“it is good!I firmly support you in this matter。If it really runs into the project,Not among the two bosses who didn’t get the land this time,Isn’t there a boss who has an engineering team??”
First2342chapter Disturbance caused by marriage
As the saying goes,All beginnings are hard。The first shot,Things will be much smoother later。Investment Promotion of Southern Suburb Industrial Park,There was a lot of trouble in Pingdu。Overnight,Many people know that there is a development company called Hongjian in Pingdu。
the next day,Xia Jian, who was still in bed, received a call from Hu Huiru。This woman said a lot of compliments to Xia Jian on the phone,But Xia Jian knew,She is jealous of him。Xia Jian still understands the woman’s thoughts,She just eats meat by herself,The woman who doesn’t want others to drink soup。
The company is operating normally,Everyone started their work step by step。But Xia Jian can’t get off here,He secretly accompanied Ma Yan to take a wedding photo。
Actually these things are for him,With or without,But others do,If Xia Jian doesn’t do it,,I seem a little sorry to Ma Yan。
Once this photo is taken,The second link is about to send invitations。Who please,Not asking anyone is a learning。Xia Jian thought about this all morning。
Finally he bit his teeth,I think you can invite,Must all please。He started from high school classmates,Such as Cai Li、Liu Qiang、Go Qiaoli who drives a taxi,He asked Cai Li to bring them invitations。
Guan Tingna heard Xia Jianfa’s invitation to get married,Her face changed immediately。She said a little unhappy:“Are you in such a hurry?The company has a lot of things right now,You can’t push back?”Guan Tingna got angry,Left with a briefcase。
Bai Li looked at Xia Jian with a blank face,So I made him a cup of tea and brought it over。Bai Li lowered her voice and said:“President Xia doesn’t need to be angry with Vice President Guan,She also thinks about the company”
“how?I’m not happy about getting married?”Xia Jian asked Bai Li back。
Bai Li smiled and said:“This is a major event in your life,How can we be unhappy?It’s just too busy this time,That’s what Vice President Guan meant”
“okay,No one can change this。You go to Longdong Group this afternoon,Send these invitations to Lu Xiuli。When you are done, let everyone do their work ahead of time,Let’s go together”Xia Jian said blankly。
Bai Li responded,Carefully retired。Because she was really upset seeing Xia Jian。