Friday, March 31

“Leo,You are so cruel!Drag me to death,What we hate!”

“You choose,Did I wipe the pit or kill someone?!”
How to choose this,He doesn’t think Leo is joking。
So reluctantly cut out,Hacked a wounded person to death。
“Throw these people down,Then row back!”
quickly,Leo returned to the Foge Chamber of Commerce with a ship of slaves。
Leo looked at these people,The quality of these people is indeed not bad,The weakest are all over forty,There are men and women,Either he is strong or he looks good,He is only four or five grades worse than Leo。
“Just by my face,If it sells,It’s worth tens of billions?”Leo set a price for his appearance。
There are no strong people among these people,So Leo doesn’t plan to solicit,Just throw away the clothes behind a man。
Can’t help but shook his head,Has been stamped with the hoof marks of the Celestial Dragon。
And look at this group of people,Obviously a mature slave。
Mature slave is a term in the slave industry,Means trained slave,Corresponding to untrained slaves。
Tianlong people will buy raw slaves,But mature slaves are easier to sell,After all, you can use it when you buy it back,No need to spend time training。