Friday, March 31

“Could it be that he has entered the realm of Awakening God again?”This is a euphemism,Elder Qi is more familiar with the habit of having nightmares in teenagers,It’s been like this since the day of the ceremony,There were two urgent matters,It was Elder Qi who personally rushed into the door to wake up the boy abruptly。

Li Yun and Wu Feng’er looked at each other and shook their heads,The boy was in retreat for three days,Retreat again only a day later?Seems unlikely。
“Ok,The palace lord’s breath is steady and long,There should be nothing wrong。”Elder Qi releases spiritual knowledge,Confirmed that the boy is safe and sound,No longer nervous,“Palace Lord’s repeated adventures,It’s not surprising that there are many things that need to be detailed,Let’s find time。”
“But that old man Li Tan has visited for the fifth time,Always come up with a countermeasure。”
“so what?”Elder Qi pouted,“According to the palace lord,drag。I wonder if the manager can respond better?”
Li Yun wry smile,Elder Qi has always had a hot temper,But he was kind to him,I don’t know what irritated food I ate in the morning,Speak so aggressively,Drag is ok,But Li Tan Renrang also has a limit,Don’t think that the big formation supported by the five elements is solid,In front of Tianzun, it’s really hard to say how long it can block。
“Let’s go back。Miss Feng’er takes care of her hard work anytime,If you have anything urgent, just crush this pill。”Elder Qi casually threw a red bead to Wu Feng’er,I left with big sleeves fluttering。
Liyun was left on the spot,After thinking for a moment, I find it boring,Two sentences from Qingtong,Also shook his head and went out。
I thought that the teenager would return to normal after one or two days of retreat,After all, it’s not for those with a high level of cultivation to hit an important pass,Unexpectedly, the boy was closed for more than ten days,My Feng’er wanders outside all day,The whole person is stunned,In the meantime,Liyun and the elders came over again and again like revolving lanterns,Wander around and leave helplessly。
Only my torch is vigorous,Saw my sister suffer,Fire in my heart,Push open the door with a bang,Seeing the teenager sitting cross-legged,Eyes slightly closed,The corners of the mouth are not smiling,Can’t help but froze,But this stunned,The collar of his neck was grabbed by a big hand,Then the huge body flew involuntarily,Fell into the courtyard with a bang。
Everyone is shocked,But seeing the elder of Hou Tu Temple standing on the spot with a face full of frost,Pointing at my torch and yelling,“All the time,so rude,opinionated,Can you enter the study??Bastard!”
Although Five Elements Island has five halls,But the classification is not strict,Respect for virtue and divine skills,But the key is virtue,This is especially true when Huo Tianzun is here,Although nothing big or small happens from time to time,But after all, there must be a degree,Wu Ju’s approach is obviously over。
Elder Qi is not here,Liyun is not good,But in his opinion,Although my torch is acting fiercely,The behavior just now was indeed overdone,But the elders of the Houtu Temple are also a little suspected of deliberately hyping the matter,This old thing is very active recently,Come to the hospital at least three times a day,Arguing all day long,Attack on Lingyun Pavilion,If you say no matter what、The muddled evaluation is more suitable for this old thing than Wuju。
The elder of the Houtu Hall shook his hand and used a heavy technique,The small courtyard was smashed into a pit,My torch was thrown out of anger,Hem Haw didn’t stand up for a long time,Li Yun does not speak,No one else said anything,Only my Feng’er stood in front of my brother,I’m afraid this bad old man will make another move,But she also felt that her brother was too impulsive,It’s hard to talk if you want to argue。