Thursday, June 1

But his yin and Yang eyes are different from Lyon.,Difference,Be likeVIP1andVIP12。

The yin and Yang eyes in Lyon can see all the ghosts,Coward、Sorrowful、Soul wild ghost, etc.,There is a calculation,Can’t run。
Xiao Ming is a little bit,Can only see fresh,Or the ghost of grievance。
Water pool,Wild Scorpion 出 的 飞刀,Wake yourself can’t hurt the ghost,Hurry and remind the Liao Jie who is still playing。
“Ager,The female ghost came over.!”
Liao Jie is not moving,Right hand in water,Don’t lift your head。
“it’s OK,Just a grievance,I can’t hurt me.。”
Liao Jie is very affirmative:“冴子,You don’t have to be afraid,No water in the water,This grievance will not hurt you.。Do not believe,You can try,And her eyes,She touched you, count me.。”
Chu people floating into Tan,Found,Water surface karaoke,Overlooking overlooking,It can be seen that Wuoyou spreads slowly in the water.,Finally, it works as a ghost face。
Chu people, stiff, bending the waist,Accompanied with the skeleton,Black long hair in water,Reach Liao Jie neck。
Passing black finger,Let the wild jump on the wild,Zhang Zhangji wants to remind Liao Jie,I am afraid to bother to him.。
I can tell,Liao Jie seems to be ready。
“You are a good woman,Unfortunately married people,Delayed a life,Repairing and returning within my understanding,You can kill innocent is your right.。”
Liao Jie stood up,Directly see the children of Chu,Located the water in your right hand,Put the safe bracelet:“Get your business,See your unfortunate in your life,I will not give you an additional secondary harm.。”
See a safe bracelet,Chu people Mei Zhang paint black big mouth roar,It’s like the beast to see the prisoner lock,Grievances。
“Wear this bracelet,I can help you arrange an opportunity to reincarnate.,think about it,I will always kill the ghosts.,Rare net。”
With the beauty of Chu people,A stolen gas from the water pool,Wrap the flat and blue brace into two。
Liao Jie sighs,Hand shaking a yellow value,Take it on the body of Chu Man:“You are very versed,But still blame,Paste anger, implicate, innocent, chances have been given,Don’t blame my heart.。”
Chu people don’t speak,Blue body burning fire,In an instant chemical ash smoke。
“Ager,The ghost is eliminated.?”
“no,Just destroyed a resentment,Her body is still under the water chamber。”
Speaking of which,Liao Jie offshore shoes,Let the wild,Wearing pants, live on the shore,I will jump into the water into the water.。
Make a reason,Taoism with drinking water can also be emptified,And enter the water in the abdomen independent space,But his heart is too phony,I think that the bottom of the water is soaked in a mountain village.,There is no idea when you instantly.。
Two minutes later,Liao Jie walked out of the pool。
So fast!
Wildness is strange,See Liao Jun is water,Put your own hand.。