Friday, March 31

Light is currently these,How to say,Still come, people feel very uncommon。

“Housekeeper,Second one,I have already started。”
When the people around me,To Sun Di。
In fact, Sun Di looks like,His face is full of smiles。
“Ha ha,Then this time,Antai really wants to eat。”
Sun Di finished,At this time,How much curiosity is quiz。
Why is the best end?,I suddenly suddenly said this.。
And this time,Sun Di looks at the people around you,Couldn’t help but。
“You feel,Shen Xuan how?”
When Sun Di finished,Side around those people,I have gone an eye.。
obviously,This is actually,How many of them?,Still aware of some。
After all, this matter,Put it on it,How to see,How to make people feel,This thing itself,In fact, it is not so simple.。
So next,What way should I try to solve it?。
Light is this,In fact, it is,It is not a simple thing.。
And people watching the side of Sun Di?,Sun Di said:“Shen Xuan this person,Human feelings,Very different。”
“sometimes,You feel,I can solve Shen Xuan.。”
“But finally,The results often make you more unexpectedly。”
Sun Di’s words finished,Surroundings,I have also begun to recall this.。
“Be right,at this point,It is what I want to say.。”
“Ugh,sometimes,Really dissatisfied,How is this,Is it talent??”
“Is it talent?,I’m not clear at all.,But from now on,It is really quite tricky。”
This,With these people,You have said that I am talking here.。
After all, start now,This matter itself,It is not a simple little thing.。
For this,How should I get a process?。
Light is currently these,How to see,How to make people feel,Seems to,It’s even more exciting.。
After a while,This,In the hearts of those people around,It is some jumps to try。
After all, now,I should try to solve it all this.,Right,itself,It is not a simple thing.。
This,Sun Di is still not forgotten。
“Look,You should also know。”
“Since everyone knows,Then this matter,I think you,What should I happen??”
When Sun Di said here,Those people around those people are very angry。
But now,They still followed the head。
This obvious thing,How can they don’t know??
The more this is like this,For now they,this matter,It’s a good opportunity to do.。
If you can grasp this,So now,It’s complete to try it.,In this case,Effect,How often。
And this time,Sun Di is looking at the eye,The more like this,For Sun Di, he is very light.。
“so,Don’t be luck now。”
“Because it is behind,Will slowly discover,In fact, this method,It is not available at all.。”