Friday, March 31

Although it is a brother of the dead wood Lucia,But the emblem of the dead wood is at this time.,It is quite cold,As if talk to a stranger。

“team leader,Lucia must be cheated by this guy,Just let this guy get off the accumulation.。”
Lucia as a bamboo horse,Adding a secret love,Afu Nature is a strong Lucia。
“Whether it is interested or unintentional,Lost the power of death is a heavy crime。”
The voice of the dead wood is not fluent,It seems that it is generally announced。
“so,My player is after discovering your things.,Are you extinguished by you??
Do not,His strength,It should be impossible to。”
花 看 一 护 护 眼 神 神 神,First become a danger,But after considering the strength of the night,I suddenly feel impossible。
Although others don’t know the bottom of the night,But as a companion in the evening,The flowers of this are very clear about the strength of the night.。
This is also the system is giving,Vulnerability in the night。
A flatness of death,Suddenly show super strength,How can I say that I can’t say?,There must be a knowledgeer。
And this insider,The captain of the four teams of the night,花 花。
“Twelve,Can tell me,Where did you go to night??
I understanded him,He is very low.,Generally, it will not make this behavior。”
The flower of is looking at the eyes,Looking at the Kurosaki, a protective and dead wood Lucia。
I don’t know why each other,Obviously it is a smile,But the two are like facing a deep abyss.。
Chapter 240 Abuse
Today’s third,Tomorrow or three more,I want four more,But I am really dripping.╮ ̄ ̄““╭
“team leader,I am here?,Choose the command that does not accept the team leader back to the corpse,No matter what they do,But I decided to do this.。”
“After all, you know,After returning to the corpse,I am willing to be chased back to Lucia’s things.,Then,I said that I still don’t say it.?”
Night figure,Suddenly appearing above the wall。
And see the night show an instant,Early dead wood white,The first time on the face。
The other party actually is like them.,And they can’t feel the existence of each other.!
Night jump down the wall,Has honestly walked behind the body,A slap in appearance。
For nightly practices,There is no accident, but there is no accident.。
Because of her impression of night,that is“Old good man”image of。
Will protect friends,And choose to reach the corpse,It is indeed the character of the night。
“Stand on one side,This time, I am not I said.,After going back, the team leader naturally will fall.。
But I see this time.,The facial wall is not there anything.。”
What is the crime of night?,Top is much more decentralized,There is no violation of the law and the law in the first time.。
But Lucia’s words,It’s hard to escape.
“Lucia will go back with us,About you do your deceased。”
Dead wood white looked at Lucia,Ruthlessness。
In fact, it is not his brother.,But they as the soul of the corpse“Four major aristocrats”one,Everything is a pattern。
And the weapon white hi will be the glory of the family,It’s too much,In order not to disperse the dead wood home,He must bring Lucia back。