Thursday, June 1

“Sure enough, you guess it.,White Bear Empire Minister, Minister Jirod, will visit Huaxia,The first stop is here,In addition to the Minister of Defense,White Bear Empire Prime Minister Popular Day,White Bear Empire Bur family, old iron, Iron Iron Needle。”Tang Yinyao laughs。

“Defense department?Prime Minister?Elder?”Lin Feng sorrows:“Good draft。”
“The Minister of Defense This is the real identity of the Golden Bear Empire Golden Golden Power.,The status is unusual,Not under the laser,The Prime Minister Pophang is the big old age of the white bear empire.,Iron Iron Needle is a white bear Empire Ber family venue foreigner。”Tiyin Yao explained。
“Shamanism,Ice and fire,Ber family?White Bear Empire is the three golden forces??”Lin Feng asked。
“It is these three major forces。”Tang Yao Yao patient explains:“These three major forces are terrible,Especially the forces of Shaman’s gods can penetrate to the northeast of Huaxia.,Some areas in northwest China,As for the town god of the ice fire,The name is the cold。”
“Chilly?”Lin Feng heard the words:“Isn’t it a date with Tang family?,Ming Yu is a fight?”
“There is a fight,But there are very fews that can be repaired。”Tiyin Yao explained:“This forces have been in Huaxia,The big Han dynasty exists,Just later was driven away by the original empire government.,Dreaming to the Siberian area,I have been inherited to now。”
“Inherit,Ber family?”Lin Feng asked。
“The Bur family is a veritable gold family.,The real family name is 孛,This family has a person, you have heard of it.。”Tiyin Yao explained:“Genghis Khan!”
“Genghis Khan!”
This is a slight color of Lin Feng.,Practice to such a realm,He already knows that this Genghis Khan is not ordinary characters.,Otherwise, it will not sweep the Eurasian region.,I don’t know how much forces。
This person’s repair is no doubt that has been confined.。
“Burf is actually a family,The Emperor of the Year of the Year swept the world,Just the final empire collapsed,The person of this pulse in order to avoid the slaughter,Directly changed,Continued until now。”Tiyin Yao explained:“This family is very deep。”
“Sure enough。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“This emperor created a gang,Named for life and death,This god is not under the Quality of Wildness.,One of the nine gods in the famous ancient times。”Tang Yin Yao Road:“Just this god disappeared for many years.,Now the Bur family is only dead.。”
“Disappear?Who is clear?。”Lin Feng heard the words:“No matter how,I want to see these three major people.,Especially the future generation of Genghis Khan。”
He has a kind,This life and death rollout may have appeared in this world.,Be cultivated,Perhaps the man of Bird,Of course, I may be the descendants of other Genghis Khan.,After all, the descendants of this emperor are spread all over the Oya。
“I will come here tomorrow afternoon.。”Tang Yinyao laughs:“You are ready.。”
“necessary。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Welcome these three valves,Cooperation now is the best choice。”
We immediately continued to burn,After eating, Lin Feng accompanied Liu Hao。
China distant north,It is the vast and boundless Siberian,And the owner of this earth is now a white bear empire.。
Siberia’s north is close to the Arctic Ocean,One snow-covered island,Sitting a burly middle-aged man,This middle-aged man is a golden hair,It is like a golden sun.,Row。
Holding a fish in his hand,Just no rope on the fish。
Suddenly, between the middle-aged man gently picked up the fishing rod,Ice cream,A huge sea fish is coming up,After these fish jumped, they floated in the void.,Like it is imprisoned by an invisible force,With the middle-aged man’s fishing rod。
“Ha ha,Popular day,Your cold ice is getting more and more invisible.。”Just at this time, a rude laugh was coming.。
In the sky,A burly man is coming down,Man bald,Body with explosive power,This power is filled with devastating,Black cloak,Haunting black airflow。
“Iron nest,You are too slow.。”Middle-aged man lifts the head,Looking at the bald man smiles。
This middle-aged man is the premier of the White Bear Empire.,It is also the supreme old-level person of Icefire.,And this bald man is the big old iron storm of the Bird family.,Descendant of Genghis Khan,Death practice practitioner。
“I am slow?Some people are slower than me.。”Iron Iron Needle and smiled and came to the ground.:“You are here to learn Jiang Taigong fishing,It’s just that you are better than Jiang Taogong.,People just have no fish hooks.。”
“I can compare with Jiang Taigong.?I use an innocent fishing。”Popular day and humble laugh。
“Iron nest,I have already come.。”At this time, a clear voice came from the distance.,A middle-aged bearded man wearing a white windbreaker gone,This person is short,Eye turbidity,Bring your body with mysterious breath。