Thursday, June 1

The cultivation base of the earth dragon should be the lower dragon general,The sickle dragon is the dragon child。

“Don’t underestimate me!”Hong Hao shouted,Commanding three dragons to attack Jiang Zhiyi’s Gulong in three different directions。
Muddy Wind Wolf Dragon is fast,When it runs on the sand,There was a turbid gust of wind around,This makes it more powerful when it is flying。
The most powerful weapon of the Chaotic Wolf Dragon is its claws。
It didn’t approach the colossal ape dragon,First use the turbid wind blowing when running to cover the sight of the ancient dragon ape,Then launch an attack from the opponent’s blind spot!
Ape Gulong has a very rough face,It showed its fangs wildly,There is a bit of mockery in the eyes,Just like its owner Jiang Zhiyi,He is particularly disdainful of the vultures of this kind of wind wolf dragon。
Yuan Gulong’s hearing is very sharp,Even if there is a strong turbulent wind in front of you,It can also hear the position of the Chaotic Wind Wolf Dragon。
Ape Gulong suddenly roared,It’s sideways,The arm that grows with the shield-like flesh armor violently waved,Smashed towards the place where the Hundred Wind Wolf Dragon dashed。
This smash,Amazing,A big hole appeared directly in the gravel land。
If Hunfeng Wolf Dragon is hit,I’m afraid it will directly turn into meatloaf!
Ape Gulong trembled,It hit the target,But its own arm is numb,Almost injured by a back shock。
With the muddy wind blowing in the other direction,The students in the stands can see clearly,The body in the chaotic wind is not the swift wolf dragon,But the earth dragon with rock thorns all over the body!
By the blinding wind,Chaotic Wind Wolf Dragon and Earth Dragon don’t know when they changed positions。