Friday, March 31

“Where is the commander’s majesty,And the soldiers under the name of her prince must bear this shame with her。The name of the queen,Just disappear,Your guards will be scattered to other barracks and stay on the western battlefield。The successor of the Ancestral Dragon God Ji is also served by Nan Lingsha,You are confined in the palace,Don’t see anyone!”When saying this,Patriarch Li’s eyes have already revealed a bit of indifference。

“master,As a younger sister, Nan Lingsha might also be affected.,Or call her back……”The woman seems to want to say something。
“Nan Ling Sha is Nan Ling Sha,Gigi Lai is Gigi Lai,Who dares to involve this matter with Nan Lingsha?,Cut the speaker’s tongue,No matter what status!”Patriarch Li said。
“The concubine will execute this password。”The woman replied。
“Luo Xiao。”The Master Li’s eyes were set on him at this time。
“Sin is!”Luo Xiao hurriedly knelt down,I dare not lift my face。
“Your dragon is a gilt fire dragon?”The owner of the Li family asked。
“Gilt Fire Dragon?master,This is a dragon species with hope to be promoted to the dragon master,Lineage and attributes are both superior,If you can show loyalty……”The woman was a little surprised。
“It is indeed a rare Zhenlong,I didn’t expect you to have an amazing adventure after leaving Li’s house。You did well this time,Let those deserted refugees understand that our Li family must not trample on them at will!”Patriarch Li said。
“Subordinate was expelled for making mistakes,Remorse,But my heart is always tied to the Li family,After becoming a dragon animal husbandry,The subordinate happened to be practicing in Wutu,After learning that the lady was suffering, he hurried to go。It’s a pity it was a step slow,Please don’t blame Miss,The subordinates are not decisive enough,The surrounding towns should also be wiped out,So this matter won’t be passed back to the city。”Luo Xiao showed his loyalty。
Patriarch Li nodded,Satisfied with Luo Xiao’s cruelty。
“You just come to me,The gilt fire dragon is indeed a Zhenlong with unlimited potential,But it also needs enough resources,Need guidance from famous teachers……As long as you are faithful enough,I guarantee you will shine in the future!”Patriarch Li said。
“Thank you Lord,Thank you Lord!!”Luo Xiao’s face showed unconcealable excitement,Kob your head again and thank you!