Friday, March 31

“What else?”

“Can’t wrap fire in paper,Dong Hui’s wife will leak out sooner or later,Not as natural,Let him go。”Zhu Lei sighed,Got into the elevator without looking back。
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Six Yuxing’s changes
At this time, Li Tianchou was walking with Xiao Song by the Xianghe River,He was dizzy in the afternoon sun,Excessive liquor and intense heat in August,Even Li Tianchou who has a super human body feels overwhelmed。
Just boldly expressed to Xiao Song the idea of traveling to the west,It was originally a promise made by Li Tianchou,Take the initiative to speak out this time,Show sincerity。The clinker party turned the head crooked and said that it should be considered,This embarrassed Li Tianchou,Knowing that Xiao Song might be embarrassed intentionally,But he just couldn’t find the right words to help him out。
Click,Xiao Song opened up the colorful umbrella in his hand to block the scorching sun,Li Tianchou is tall,I don’t know where to go under the umbrella,Or just follow along like this,My face is flushed with sweat even more。
“You support me。”
Xiao Song’s words immediately made Li Tianchou like a spring breeze,Busy taking over the umbrella,In the shade,Suddenly narrowed the distance between the two。
“I miss my uncle。”
“We can arrange the schedule,Why not go back to Cai’s home tomorrow。”Li Tianzhen happened to have this idea。
“I need to explain things about the group,The day after tomorrow?”
“no problem。”Magnify fake,Li Tianchou really doesn’t worry that the instructor will suddenly make a callous call。
“After visiting Caijiayuan,I still want to go home to see。”
“No problem,I will accompany you throughout。”Li Tianchou’s mouth became smoother before he knew it。
Xiao Song smiled,“Next, let’s talk about your western journey,I haven’t traveled far,Don’t fool me。”
“That is natural,I think so,Let’s go west along the Yellow River,First look at Hukou Waterfall,Go to my hometown to see the majestic mountains where there is no grass,Finally to see the desert,Over a thousand kilometers,Enough to have fun?”