Friday, March 31

After all, guarding the sealed monsters underneath the underground palace was originally the task assigned by the goddess of falling to the warriors in the temple of war.,In short, Li Tianchou won’t let them go crazy,Don’t plan to show up。

One approaching the camping area,Li Tianzhen tightened his mind,Promote Transformation,Turn into a lone wolf and move forward carefully,Walked around quietly,Li Tianzhen unexpectedly discovered at least 20 supernatural powers,Nine of them have a cultivation base that surpasses Old Man Dong,This surprised him,I regretted being too rash。
But it’s too late,Li Tianzhen immediately gave up looking for Gu Changfeng and the instructor,Ready to leave,Suddenly stopped drinking,“He Fangxiaoxiao?stop!”
The sound exploded on top of my head like thunder,A tall figure slowly appeared directly in front,He Fa Tong Yan,Dressed in a white silk shirt,Stand upright in the wind under the moonlight,The white flower of Chang Ran is blowing in the wind on his chest,His face is obviously older than Old Dong。
Li Tianzhen is not in a panic,The body shrank to the grass beside it,Stay still,This person has reached the late Yuan Ying stage,Although the cultivation is advanced,But the strength is still a bit far behind the great supernatural power,Ranked in the top three among the nine people he just discovered,It’s pretty good,With this shout,People keep coming out of the tents around,All at once surrounded the area where Li Tianzhen is located。
The old man in white shirt raised his hand and threw three fiery red beads,It exploded in the shape of a product beside Li Tianzhi,Three erected fire pillars immediately formed,Hot flames connected,Immediately became a triangular weird cage,Trapped Li Tianzhen who turned into a lone wolf。
“The evildoer still doesn’t show his true body?!”The old man in white shirt continued to drink,Several practitioners approached Li Tianzhi immediately,The lone wolf pretended to be grinning,Let out a low growl,It’s as if you’re ready to fight hard before you die,It’s just too close to these practitioners.。
Seeing everyone around him suddenly make a gap,Li Tianzhi’s heart moved,A bunch of people rushed in,Be the first two old men,One is the old man Dong,Another unknown,Gu Changfeng、Instructor and Lan Ling,Two tall war puppets follow each side,Li Tianzhen has a strong sense of consciousness with these six puppets,Maybe it will show up,Decided to get out immediately。
The lone wolf howls at the moon,The desolate voice seemed to resonate with the full moon,Suddenly the moonlight drifts from heaven and earth,Strong wind,A huge breath inspired the triangle cage,The flame on the pillar of fire suddenly ignited with the help of the wind,Jump out more than ten feet high,The whole prison was covered by the fire,Can’t see what’s inside。
The white shirt old man was surprised,Look around suspiciously,The rest of the people also showed their weapons on high alert,The other old man suddenly yelled,Throw out a small cage,Rising against the storm,Bang,The triangle was already trapped when it landed,It’s like adding insurance。
The squally wind passed quickly,The flames of the triangle cage quickly weakened,But the fierce lone wolf is gone,Replaced by the grass is a mass of dark things。
Is it burned to death?
Chapter 918 Can’t understand each other