Friday, March 31

“This one,Not bad。”

Now,Ye Xuan has seen it。
Thirty-six snacks。
“There is a collection of various snacks,Kanto cooking,Hot Pot,Steamed dumplings,Fried buns, etc.。”
“Exchange down,Need fifteen health?”
Ye Xuan looked here,In fact, in his heart,Even more hesitation。
right now,What should I do?,These ones,Do you want to exchange it??
but,Ye Xuan probably took a look,I feel like this,Then convert it directly,Actually it’s not a problem at all。
But the more so,Ye Xuan looked in front of him subconsciously。
At this moment,Ye Xuan’s face,Is filled with a faint smile。
“well,Actually these,Exactly what i need。”
When Ye Xuan saw this,Ye Xuan gritted his teeth,Choose to redeem directly。
As for the others,Ye Xuan felt,Let’s buy some things first。
“I am so rich now,Go buy some luxury goods,Should be fine?”
then,Ye Xuan went to buy an Italian brand menswear,Casual clothing,Watch buy a more than eighty million Patek Philippe diamond watch。
This way down,Ye Xuan found,Own health,Actually increased by more than one hundred and fifty。