Friday, March 31

“Hayi,This task is handed over to me.,I promise that they will play themselves for two years.。”

“Hahaha,very good,Long pool,I am coming to ask you to help a busy.。”Shadowo,
“What is the matter of Shaozuo, even if the command is。”
“Long pool,I want you to help bring Wang Jingwei and others to Shanghai.。”
“Any time,I am waiting for Wang Jingwei’s news.,Once they left Chongqing, they will be chased.,At that time, I need you to help me escape them.。”
“understood!I will immediately train a team who is responsible for this task.!”
NS339chapter Modified sniper gun and bullet
Shadow Zhao Zhao, Matsuba, remembering,The Black Dragon’s Wu Zijing, two and the island puremo with a bunch of waves.,This means obviously,They are very supportive to join Jiuchi Museum。
“Wucane,Thank you very much for your support.,But I still have to speak the ugly words in front.,After training, I will put the list on the cabinet.,At that time, the person on the list became a formal intelligence person.,Enjoy all the treatment of my long pool,But when you enjoy this treatment, you will also bear the same risks.,That is to do our determination to the Empire’s jade at any time.,Can you do it??”
“can!”The waves answer。
Listening to the applause and appreciate them:“it is good!I apologize to you.,Because I have always thought that you are some gangdi,But today I have seen your determination to dedicate everything for the empire.!That’s all staying and accepting training.!I hope that all of you can pass the assessment.!”
The instructor of these convincers is Song Jian and Tang Rui.,Here their name is ten party pass and Yizhibo,Rui Rui allows them to train these waves according to their own approach,Training time is only half a month。
Arrange things to arrange,Rui Rui drives the residence of the Fifth Agent Group,Tell them to the things that he set up a long pool.。
“Nine brother,The devil makes you an intelligence agency separately!You are still boss!Too cattle!”Ma Yunfei listened to the rituit,The pair of eyes were with the copper-like eye,I am now flowing out of my eyes.。
“This will make my actions are more free.,You don’t have to disguise false models to find you.,Is it not good?”
“OK!Great,So you can bring us several votes.。”He Xiaojing,
“Action is definitely,I will first intend to destroy the ink.,Because this intelligence agency is extremely threatened。”Ritual,
“I didn’t say what they were doing this time.。”Ouyang Jian asked,
“The mission in the well is to buy the gang and the surrounding bandits armed,Because she spends money,Also give weapons and money,Wells will become a puppet army to armed these people soon,Persecution of anti-Japanese teams and organizations in surrounding townships,Because these gangs and arms have a Japanese specialist as consultant and command,So what is the regular army is still fierce than the devil,Next, we must find ways to eliminate these armed and well-selling!”
“This well is actually such a big hazard.!”Alpine,
“I used to say,Don’t see about 60 wells.,But its role is equivalent to a Japanese army,Although it is a bit exaggerated,It is also enough to prove their harm.,So you must be removed。”
“Nine brother,I noticed that too,As long as you say it is basically planned to basically plan,Then let’s listen to you.。”Ma Yunfei said,
“I am coming to say hello today.,If you need you, I will contact you if you want you.,Remember to act according to plan。”
“Nine brother,It is best we can shoot。”
“Small nine,I will help you collect information on some well-in-law.。”Ouyang Jianping said,
“That’s of course good,I really want to know how many traitors have been mastered in the well-in-law.,Where is these arms are distributed?。”
“Maybe I have a way to find these。”Ouyang Jianping said,
“Then I will wait for the news,You also prepare in advance。”
Qi Rui knows that Ouyang Jianping is intended to contact the organization to detect these news.,That’s going.,It is also a comprehensive information.,Like Li Xiaoyu directly from here.。
“Miao knife comrades,How do you give us so much money?!”Li Xiaon looked at a box of money,
“These money is taken by you,Mainly used as a strong guerrilla,There is another role to use it as a sense of intelligence.,I want to know all traitors in Jiangsu.,Number,Equipment level,Strength, etc.,Can you do it??”
“can!Miao knife comrades,Are you planning to eliminate them??”
“Correct,These traitors must destroy,Because they sometimes have a big harm than the devils.。”
“That martial art team?”
“The Works team don’t do these things as much as possible,What they need is to be dead!I will give them a task.。”
“Miao knife comrades,I will convey this directive to the guerrillas.,Let them be responsible for collecting this intelligence!”
“Small male,How many people now??”
“There is only ten people so far,But they can all be enemy ten。”Li Xiaon said,