Thursday, June 1

Little Ping An is not understood,But she doesn’t want Master to feel that she is a bad child.,When you want to explain。

“Don’t explain,Hitting people,Since you are hitting, you should apologize,hurry up。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Xiao Ping is also a bit wronged.,Then apologize to the children one by one。
“sorry”“sorry”“sorry”I haven’t waited for Xiao Ping and apologize.,One of the parents can’t help:“Don’t you worry??
If you don’t afford to use what to do?”
Li Huihe heard this,It’s also laughing.。
“Parent,What do you want?
If you want to alarm now you can call,Let the police process it.,I have a medical fee of your child.。”
Everyone in the field knows that the alarm is no matter,After all, it is a child.,But just so spared,Who is not happy in my heart。
“Humph,Good money?
Since she is playing,Also let our children still go back。”
One heard this,Li Failee 。
“You say this,So, the apology, we are a white apology.?
And your child has not apologized for my child.,Those words that your children say,Did you talk to you??”
Isn’t this little girl don’t have a parents??
As for the hand??”
One of the men’s parents are angry directly。
Li Hui has directly slapped the past.。
This slap has,Instant opposite mouth bleeding。
“Hey-hey,Not,Not,Don’t be angry,Do you have a hand?,I am not a slap in your palm.?
Don’t be angry。”
“NS,Laozi does not kill you today.。”
Say,It is also for the convenience.,Directly to Li Hui’s face is a punch,But I haven’t waited for him.,I was flying by Li Hui’s foot.。
“Who else wants to do?
Also try not to?”
Li Hui Feng This suddenly domineering the sound of several parents around the surroundings.。
The school teacher has also ran out.。
“Don’t fight at the school gate.,And also in the face of children,Do you know how much influence is there??”
“Let me go to the office first.,This thing is enough to sit down and solve it.?”
Several other parents heard this,It is also silently nodded.,After all, when they feel that Li was very bullying.,But Li Hui sudden broke out,Let them be scared。
Which is a good bullion?
Distinguish the rhythm of playing pigs to eat tigers.。