Thursday, June 1

In the waves,Mr. Dong’s consciousness is still sober,Hurriedly touched out two water avoiding beads,One into Xiao Cui’s mouth,One in my mouth,Out of the corner of the eye, I can only see that Li Tianzhen has disappeared from the other giant claw of the demon.,The sky full of energy frenzy,Like a sharp blade,Blockers die,Can’t show up at all。

at the same time,‘Psionic Lord’A howl of pain,Seems to be hit again,Suddenly a huge black dragon jumped out from the darkness,Opened his mouth and bit its other giant claw,Click,Half of the palm edge was bitten off,Li Tianzhi collided with the soul,Just between two moves,‘Psionic Lord’And suffered two dark losses。
At this time above the sky,Colorful streamer flashing,Li Tianzhen’s figure is already as tall as a hill,He wore a battle armor,Holding a big black gun,The scarlet cloak flutters in the wind,The same figure appeared in all eight positions,Will‘Psionic Lord’Surrounded by big faces。
“impossible,It is absolutely impossible,Same in different worlds,Why are you not suppressed by the highway?”Suffer‘Psionic Lord’’S arrogance has long been short,And there seems to be a serious deviation in the prediction of the form。
Li Tianzhen, who lacks a golden body and another physical body, is not as strong as 30% of his peak.,The same is true for the weaker Psionic Lord,But according to the road rules,The stronger,The rejection and squeeze are more violent,One by one,It is at least not weaker than Li Tianzhi,But the real situation is just the other way round,Make it suspicious。
“Because I originally came from the mortal world。”Li Tianzhen smiled slightly,Stab,No time to talk with this monster,You must kill this thing before going home,Not because of the sense of responsibility that Old Man Dong said,But he was right‘Psionic Lord’After the torture of the clone,I found out that this guy was stealing my thoughts and memories,This surprise is not trivial。
More than stealing his thoughts and memories‘Psionic Lord’,And the old demon of Kampot and Dala Mountain,But the only ones who are moved and acted on Li Tianzhu’s family‘Psionic Lord’,So after Li Tianzhen quickly killed the three magical powers who had already left,Rush to the beach immediately,Get rid of this dog at all costs。
Mighty people who are good at spiritual powers are the most terrifying,As soon as Li Tianzhen came up, he ruled him with his own way,With the same spiritual power turned into invincible spider silk,penetrate‘Psionic Lord’The key points of the clone,Bind it tightly,The clone is connected to the ontological consciousness,Serious interference‘Psionic Lord’Supernatural power,This trick really worked。
Although this trick is seen as vicious in the eyes of Old Man Dong,But as everyone knows,Life and death cannot tolerate the slightest mistake,Li Tianzhen has already tempered his superb fighting skills and tenacity from previous life and death battles.,Never waste energy on unnecessary details。Besides‘Psionic Lord’Is an evil demon from the underworld,To be kind to him is to hurt the innocent。
There are huge energy fluctuations on the sea surface,‘Psionic Lord’The big face that Yuanshen transformed from left to right is unable to break through the iron barrel formed by Li Tianzhen’s body and seven phantoms.,Plus there is a dragon next to it,‘Psionic Lord’Injured again and again,Miserable。
But the strange thing is that Li Tianzhen is just blindly defensive,He didn’t make a ruthless kill,As if the vitality is not good,‘Psionic Lord’Suddenly the creeps,Big face distorted almost crazy,Begin to kill the iron barrel array。
at the same time,Li Tianzhen’s primordial spirit appeared in the deep cave of the island reef,Unexpectedly, there is a huge space hidden at the bottom of the cave,‘Psionic Lord’The body is in front of you,This is a mess,A very disgusting fleshy bug,A hundred feet long,Trembling constantly in peristalsis,From time to time there are large patches of light green liquid dripping,Seems to be the blood of this thing。
‘Psionic Lord’Apparently suffered a serious injury,Seeing Li Tianzhen, he let out a stern roar,It’s a serious warning before the fight,It’s also a vicious mental attack,It’s a pity that this fatal blow already lacks too much,The most important thing is that there is no willpower and that kind of spiritual rhyme,It’s no longer a threat to Li Tianzhen。
Its soul is locked in the sky outside the cave,Unable to return,The body is seriously damaged,The consciousness is also weak,Even if you work hard, you still lack capital,Li Tianzhi stretched out his hand,A flash of green light,The blade flew out with a hum,Cut off the head of this thing with a flutter,Clean and neat。
Followed by,Li Tianzhen stretched out his hand at the phantom that suddenly appeared not far away,That phantom is like a super-small meat worm,Crazy twisting body,Can’t break free,This thing suddenly became fierce,Roared,“Li Xiucheng,You really want to kill?!”
“tell me,How did you come to this mortal world,I can consider putting your soul in my vial,Otherwise,Death!”
“what,Haha,You bluff a three year old?The heavens and the world are in a disaster,Even the God Realm you rely on is not guaranteed,and so,Hehe,How did you come,How i came。”
“Have you seen the dark vortex?”
“That is natural。”
“So how do you see dark matter?”