Thursday, June 1

The few relatives recommended that Wang Ye, my parents, let him read this orientation,As a result, after graduation, it is such a thing.?

What career is prepared?,Simply pit。
But think of those who read undergraduate orientation students,Zhou Niwu is even more helpless.。
Those targeted students who read undergraduate are real unlucky,A few talents on a line of clear colors,As a result, I also read this rural directional training medical students.!
Zhou Ye suddenly sighed。
“I am thinking about it because I am broadcast in each channel at that time is a doctor drama.,I thought that the doctor was very handsome.,Then learn。”Xu Lu said when he said,Some flowers have smiled。
“Word of antelope you?,You come to learn medicine.。”Xu Lu is really drunk,Everything is red。
Weekly is still trying to drink。
She will be slightly slightly every drink.。
Let Zi Niwu on the side have some distressed。
Can’t drink,Why is it strong??
He wants to open,But I am afraid that I am not happy.。
Zhou Liang listened to Mu Lu’s question,Stop the wine in the hand,The finger is rolled out for a moment:“I am a doctor because my sister is also a doctor.,So is it under her smoked,Like this industry.。”
Zhou Ye, I heard that the parents of Weekrance seem to be overseas businessmen.,I didn’t expect such a businessman’s family.,I still have two schools at once.,It’s really let him feel。
Convinced“Persuades people,Tiantian”,Good quality,Examination every day,There are few salary less!
Make,The rich people don’t love some of the profession and other majors.?
He doesn’t dare to ask more。
at this time,Zhou Yewu to lift the glass of wine glasses:“No matter what we used to learn,I have a drink for our medical career.。”
Somer is so dizzy to turn.,But she listens to the dry cup,Lift the wine glass and want to continue drinking。
Zhou Liang’s pinner,Also:“cheers。”
Young people in this city,This is together,Drink wine,In fact, don’t have a taste.。
The water in the hot pot is boiling again,The fragrance of the soup。
“Eat meat。”Zhou Ye meats a new meat,Suddenly I don’t know who to join in a bowl。
He looked at Shu and Weekvel Some drunken looks.。
Week is really not a bitter,Just drinking a few mouthfuls, it is already red.,The original white skin became irround.。
“you eat,You can eat it best。”Zhou Yewu stuffed her herb to the bowl in front of Shu Dee,Don’t forget to Tao。
Then he launched another quick-cooked mutton into the bowl of Weekvel.。
It’s rare to eat this night.。
Three people chat while drinking,Chatting from a child,I have found that there is so much amazing similarity.。
For example, when the university is often awkward in the bedroom,Also, for example, in front of the exam。
It is a contemporary college student.!
Weekly and Shu Lu are more pity that Zhou Ye has reported this orientation.。
Preposition,It’s really harmful.!