Friday, March 31

All of this brought,Actually,Not very enough。

“Elder,Young master,We,It is also completely unpredictable。”
“Now now,Let’s everyone,What should I do?”
Yin family guard,After seeing this scene,It is the opening of the next consciousness.。
As this is said,Sight around those people,It’s even brushing to look at it.。
After all, I will follow it.,Such problem,It’s really more than imagined,Also directly and thorough。
And this time,As for Yin Chengwen,It is one side to look at the eyes,I don’t forget to say it directly here.。
“all in all,Since the next,I have already encountered such a thing.。”
“So next,I feel,We must,In addition to this kid!”
When Yin Chengwen’s words say,It is even more than those people around,The more you look, the more you feel very excited.。
After all, now,In fact, this is active,How to do it in the end。
In itself,It’s even more no doubtful。
And this time,For the current,At this time, Yin Chengwen looked at it.,It is very proud of it.。
It seems that all this,Earlier,It is already within his control range。
Surrounding,Those Yin Jia’s guards,Also, I watched the brush.。
“Even so,But now,For our concern,How to do these things,What yourself,It is even more undoubtedly。”
“This is of course,if not,I really think,Let’s look like this now.,What is it??”
“all in all,Now that you have already sure you have to do this.,Then the next thing,I feel,Let’s everyone,Can continue at any time。”
slowly,With those people around,I watched it in front of her eyes.。
After all, this,What kind of way is it going to solve the next way?。
In fact, it is,The light is now these,Yin Chengwen is, the more I want to feel excited.。
Even so,But now,Yin Chengwen’s side,Those people around are brushing to this side.。
After all, I will follow it.,Really encountering these problems,By the time,How to solve it in the end。
In fact, Yin Chengwen’s heart is deep,It has become quite clear.。
And by Yin Chengwen,Other people,Jump。
“all in all,this matter,Absolutely can’t make good breaks。”
“I am preparing for me.,I must take the famous hall directly.!”
Yin Chengwen bites his teeth,Be here。
This is said,Surroundings of Yin Jia’s guards,It’s brushing to look at this side.。
After all, start now,Such a thing,How to deal with it?。
In fact, for them,How to do this,itself,It’s obvious.。
And just in front of you,Yin Chengwen looks at,I didn’t forget to say this.。
“very good,In fact, if you really plan to deal with it.,So these things,Can。”
When Yin Chengwen’s consciousness looks at the eye,The more like this,For these things,How should I handle it?。
In fact, it is this,Under the case of itself,It is completely this necessary to increase your strength.。
For these,At this time, those surroundings,Also, I didn’t forget to say this.。
“all in all,Let’s now,It’s just a good time to fight.,It’s a king。”
“This is nature,if not,We can’t say this.。”
“Look,Since everyone now,All think so,So let’s everyone,But you can start working in this direction.。”