Thursday, June 1

Big sleeve,Where did the stones fly from where to fly back?。

In an instant,The head of the fisherman,Hold the head in the arm。
After solving these stupid fishermen,Lin Rong is free from four evil gates。
“The site of this seat also dares to be unresolved?”
The women’s road heard the fishing girl called this seat.,Laugh。
“ridiculous。Huang Haimang head is not long,I dare to call himself。”
Lin ring controls the fishing girl, one sleeve puts the fire。
Don’t go back from the stage。
That is staring at these four people。
“Be unreliable。It seems to change one person。”
When these four people realize that they are not strong,Unfortunately, it is too late.。
The fishing girl has come to them.。
When these four people are preparing to the enemy,The women’s road is smashed into the ground,Then I deeply embedded。
No need to view,It is always a life。
The rest of the three people see this scene,After the frightening。
However, these three people are also used to life and death.。
Overlap,Sound from the water to the enemy。
One of the people is even more arrogant.:
“Waiting for my little baby to come over to eat you,That kind of born is not as good as death, it is really stimulating。”
Lin rang to see the goddess after the eyes of the fishing girl,More fire:
“Corpse。True and ever,Today, let you die without a funeral place.。”
Speed at the foot,The blink of an eye is in front of them.,Grab the two heads,A little one,I will enter my stomach.。
Because everything is too fast,The deceased did not respond to life, Huangquan。
The only living port,When he reacted,See the body of the companion,Scared:
“you,who are you?”
“This seat is Yin Shenlin。I don’t kill you today.,Let you live back to let you tell,I am killed by the corpse.,You dare to come back to my site.,One does not stay。”
“teach,The teacher is also killed by you.?”
“Ha ha ha ha!The body stays in the hundreds of thousands of mountains。go away!”
I heard the forest and let him roll.,Three steps and do two steps,Wolverine escapes。
Corpus,No evil multi-end。
Sinful crime,It’s hard to escape。
Lin ring controls the fishing girl picking up a stone,Then throw it out。
Just squat on the right leg of the person。
I only listened to the sad mourning that he sent, it was visible to the whispering stone.。