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“Ice”if,It is because he has one“Ice”Skills card,Although there is no world“Double ice”powerful,But always can still use it。

Looking at the four unattended rooms,I thought that his sister is estimated to conduct heroes.,So the night is intended to use the remaining pumping opportunities.,First strengthen a wave of yourself。
Every time I go back to this world,Night will always feel,It’s still not strong enough。
certainly,Mainly because a bald head brings him too much.。
Several people,In fact, the remaining pumping opportunities have not much left.。
Diga world,He belongs to unconventional crosses,Even the system tasks are not activated。
妹 世界,His pumping opportunity,Once again, the world is used.。
So now he is the remaining pumping opportunity,Only only the task rewards received in the world of shadows.。
In the mission of the fire world,Another task is to reward Yuxi Bozu……
“This is probably I cross the world,Have a minimum of history,……”
Night estimate,He probably randomly extracted three times,And two limited extractions。
Hero points,He has harvested a lot,Zero zero broken,There are two or three people in full。
But want to upgrade“Samsung Hero”if,Sticky,More important is his number of place tasks,It is too far from the upgrade requirements.。
Awareness into system space,Night washed a hand,Ready to come to a long-lost pumping card。
Oldest three choices,The night is quite skilled in the most intermediate。
As the child walking,Night said the child of the selection,It is what he is such a man.!
A dazzling radiant flash,First of all, I saw the kind of the kind,Is the most rare“Character card”。
“Laozi is really a child!”
And when the whole card is opened,After the night, I saw a complete card.,Originally lazy face,Suddenly stiffly……
This special is completely different from him.!
Chapter 473 Exhaust card!
The role drawn on the card map,Not his dream Caartot or Bergiita,Nor is a painted balm。
At this time, the card is completely opened.,The card is a person who is very flat.,Chestnut boy。
Character card:Sato and true(Dedicated to the beautiful foreign world)
introduce:Summoned to the ordinary otaku to the outside world,Because of its own smart behavior,When choosing plug-in,chosen“智 商 峰”Akia,Resulting in the weakest traveler。
Skill:Pingping and unmodable assassination skills、Unmatched luck、Aft skill(advanced)
ps:Become a ghost animal with me!
“What is the emperor?,Sure enough,,Sato and Real this Nima is probably the most wasteful one of the majority of the protagonist.……
Don’t dare to give me a reverse sixteen night,Still the Dragon Palace!”
Similarly, the traveler,Later, these two more than strength hanging most of the protagonist,And IQ explosion。
Sato and what is a ghost??Except that one“Aft skill”Be a bit outside,Others have almost no surroundings in the night.……
And if you have no mistakes in the night,Sato and real theft skills,Only when theft is a little lovely,The success rate will become extra high。