Friday, March 31

“clang,clang,clang。”The ancient bell rang again。

The door of Fei Fairy Pavilion is open,More than 100 people have stepped into it,When Lin Feng came to the door of Fei Xiange,There is only night cold at the door.。
“Lin Feng,Nothing.?”Night clear and cold。
“fine,Let’s go in.。”Lin Feng smiled with the night’s cold hand。
“Um!”Night and cold nod,I immediately walked into the fairyge with Lin Feng.。
Middle of the courtyard of Fei Xiange,Planted a tall dragon scale tree,These dragon scale trees have a crude,The bark is very like Jinlong scales,Glitter,Tree is extremely high,There is a pond in the court,Pavilion,Extremely beautiful,The two gave a three hundred meters to the gate of Fei Xiange auction house.。
The big gate of the auction house stands with two burly middle-aged men.,Each man is full of explosive power。
Each hand holds a black sword。
“Martial art!”Lin Feng took a breath,These two people are actually masters in the field of martial arts.,It is used to look at the door in Fei Xiange。
This fairy home is really unspeakable.。
In fact, this two people are not only to see the door is so simple.,There is also a role to prevent someone from robbing things.,What birds have been big in the forest,Some people are specially seen in the baby.,Directly shot directly in Fei Xiangge,This kind of thing has happened more than one。
So the must have strength。
Two middle-aged big silk is not moving,Like a stone statue,They have a very mysterious posture.,In one of the best shots。
Night cold with Lin Feng came to the auction hall。
Auction hall is vast,Two in the hall is a room,Thirty-six boxes,The central hall is auction table,The auction table is about 500 square meters,Naturally made of gold in the ground,Jin Guang shines,High-grade。
The southern surface of the auction station is a nanmu chair,roughly has500open,Every nanmu chair is placed in a nanta table,There is a sign from zero-hit target above the nancun table.,There is a computer placed on the nancun table.。
Lin Feng and Night Qing have been looking for the figure of Bei Xue Yin。
Just at this time the voice came from the left side of the auction:“Here。”
Lin Feng and night clear cold turned to see this,Found that standing at the door of the 33rd box,When the night cold and Lin Feng walked over the past 30th box。
“Lin Feng is fine.?”Bei Xue Yin laughs。
“fine。”Lin Feng looked at the hat:“Go in,This box is good.。”Lin Feng stood at the door.,I found that there is a sofa in the box.,Tea tablet goods,In addition to these, there are computers,Super HD sound loudspeaker。
The renovation inside is quite high。
“Tuhaxy is the local。”Lin Feng looked on the wall,Walking is not cement among the walls of the wall,Steel juice,Solidification,And then coated a layer of gold outside。
“This nature,This box100Ten thousand,And still holding my little aunt to the card here.,I have been there once before.。”Becchy is revealed on the lip,She turned into the figure and went in。
“100Ten thousand,Also take advantage of strength?”Lin Feng really wants to this fairy cabinet,This is not a heart pit.。
“Nature,This is a symbol of identity,Come in。”Night cold is pulling Lin Feng into the box,Follow the door to the box directly。
There are windows in the box, you can see the scene of the outside world.,Beckham is sitting next to the computer is watching the computer,Review some information on the computer。
“Lin Feng,Come over,This time, there is a cold dragon grass,a lot of,a lot of,About ten tons。”Bei Xue Yinmei stares at the computer,A picture appears above the computer,On the screen is a grass,This strap is like a dragon,It looks like a snow。
White rays flashing。
It is cold ice dragon grass。
“100Ton!”Lin Feng heard the surprise:“100Tons of ice dragon grass,enough,One kilogram is probably formulated1Second-rate,100Tonne10Ten thousand times。”
He did not explain what,The province’s partition is ear。
Cold Dragon Grass is the most important main medicinal material for yellow color colorful quenching liquid,Also configuring green and cyan essential accessories,This kind of medicinal material is extremely rare,Lin Feng let the Erhu went to the market to buy,Unfortunately, the resources are limited。
Two tigers are trying to have a lot of effort.100Kilogram,If it is another time,I am afraid it is exhausted.,So you must invent a lot,The cold and dragon grass is the thing that Lin Feng is this.。
“10Ten thousand times!”