Thursday, June 1

“Your kid,Why do you sway?。”Lin Feng sorrowful。

“no,Big brother,This is worthy of your identity.,This licensee seems to be the last Zhongzhou Secretary,But this big problem。”Huang Mao also laughs:“Originally, it should belong to Bei Shi,But Beshi did not want,Be az00002。”
“You two want,Take money to buy,Don’t I。”Lin Feng Road。
“Big brother,You don’t want,Is this not a face of Fei Fei??”Two tigers laugh:“The license plate number of one of the cars is Huajiang.z00003。”
“Dafa is not dare to drive now.。”Huang Ji smirk:“So, Dali flew directly to hang his license plate.。”
“This big fly。”Lin Feng smiled,He really didn’t pay attention to this license,The problem is that he has no car now.,I haven’t been to buy my own car.。
“Big fly said that this is not a chaotic rule.,And for your safety,Prepare a custom of a Linke God,Rumoring this kind of car even missile bombings are nothing。”Two tigers smile and explain。
“Lincoln War?Defense missile?Don’t make a mistake.,Really like this car?”Lin Feng heard the tongue,This should be the treatment of the world leaders.。
“How can this car,Can only rush。”At this time, the night is cold and laughing.:“Of course you sit in that kind of car,True missile, blow you,You can also live,Because you can block a while in your body。”
“Hey-hey,Still big,This is true。”Two tigers laugh。
“so it is。”Lin Feng smiled and nodded:“Two tigers,You tell Dagi to do this,Who can attack me with missiles?”
“Big brother,This has already been completed,You know that although missiles do not attack,But some powerful guns are continuously launched,Basically, many cars can’t resist,Even if you are a half-step martial arts, the strong is too hot.,Consumption,The enemy has assassinated,It is dangerous.。”Two tiger explains:“Not only you,The chamber of commerce must be configured。”
“That’s good,A person is too windy。”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the road in front.。
“That car is not strong。”Just at this time, the two tiger suddenly held the steering wheel.:“Lose control。”
The front of the bald brake sound sounds,But that is not enough.。
The silver-white Datang sedan hits the guard field at this moment.,The entire protective bar was smashed.,Then the sound of the sound sounds,This car flew out of ten meters away,Falling on the ground under the highway。
“I rubbed!”Lin Feng can’t help but hurt a sentence,Just now, this car is so embarrassed.,The owner of this car is so big.,Now but directly out of control,Crush the guard column,Falling on the ground under the highway。
The people in this will suffer from hitting the people even if they don’t die.。
“I get off at the bus!”Night cold voice sounded,This is impossible for her.,After all, her identity is there.。
And they have not yet out of the city of Zhongzhou.。
“Two tigers,parking!”Lin Fengmed。
“Ok!”Two tigers hesitate to nod,Originally he wants to go directly。
Because he knows that this level of Datang car basically has a variety of problems.,Even substantially impossible。
Such an accident,Can only represent some people behind。
Can dare to make a poison hand,Behind the power is definitely not simple,Now the crisis that the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is already big enough.。
Two tigers have stopped the car slowly。
In the process of parking,The gunshots of the thorn whistling。
Door opening,Lin Feng and night cold figure fly out,At this moment, the car has slipped out of the distance.,Lin Feng and night cold figure。
They saw more than a dozen people with ghost masks holding a charge gun.,Sweeping the Datang car,The thorn impact sound is fried in the empty。
Good in this Datang car design is more powerful,Even falling from the highway,Did not explode,Its fuel tank design exception,Even if you are swept so much,Did not explode。