Thursday, June 1

Others in the urban temple have not injured,But all in depth sleep。

Obviously it is intentional for yourself。
Lin rang pulled the paper man out after burning,Back to the city, the temple is lying on the straw bleeding on the grass and sleeps.。
Early morning,Lin looked open eyes,See the white catching head in the door,Surprised question:
“Gathering head,How did you come?”
“Yesterday, Gao Quan killed a lot of people.,I will ask you.。”
“You are joking.!I am still good when I come out.。”
“Because you come out,So I am coming to ask questions.。”
Lin ring is equipped with a very embarrassment:
“I,I don’t know anything.。I have been busy for so long.,Even the benefits of one or two silver do not。”
“Tribute。Just ask you a question,What have you touched the Gao Quan??”
“A letter。”
“Have you seen the content??”
“Not dare to see。”
White capping is not doubt
“Going to Zhuang Shanggong,One sleep like a pig。”
Lin lived up,Calling the corpse in the city temple,They see the ginger,Siapi ran out from Chenghuang Temple。
outside,Xiaofeng Xian kneas your head:
“What happened yesterday??Feeling that sleep is dead,It hurts in the head。”
“Same。This will not be a city temple is not clean.!”
“Today, go to the school to ask Mr.,Don’t be a dissatisfaction with the city!”
Several discussions are good,I started funding。
Linfou buckle search for one or two silver sons。
I didn’t expect to have a lot of him.。
He suspects these people are targeting themselves。
Since the money,Less than touching the corpse,Then there will be a deadline in each return。
Lin louces the door to the mirror,Square meteor,One ass sitting on the grass。
Deng Yuard took a pot of wine from the back door to the forest:
“My mother has made it.,Try。”