Friday, March 31

Everyone was stunned,Seeing Uncle Qiu’s face,It’s hard to believe that he is serious,But Qiu Kejian’s aura suddenly soared,Exudes an extremely awe-inspiring vibe,Suddenly the wind blew inside and outside the Cao Lu,He actually revealed the truth of the Fa,The phantom that slowly escapes from the body is like the substance,But still a very wretched middle-aged man。

Phantom left hand phantom grip,After spreading out,In the palm of the hand is a dark blue bead,Round and shiny,Inside is a ray of Qiu Kejian’s soul,I saw him flick,The bead flew above the chessboard,Slowly rotating in the center of Tianyuan。
This is the rarest form of appointment for a mighty person at the Celestial level,Life and death,Both sides of the covenant need to give their own soul to the opponent’s companion,Or arbitrator,It is equivalent to handing over one’s own life to the opponent,In case of breach of contract,For those who can easily crush the soul and severely break the contract,You can even rely on this ray of soul to attack the contract breaker,Make life worse than death,Signing a life and death agreement will see life and death。
Choose this form of gamble,Both sides generally have a sea of blood and deep hatred,But the difference between Uncle Qiu and King Ming is just one or two entanglements.,Why did you get such a field?
“I’m afraid you won’t make it?Someone took it,Holy Emperor’s grace。”Brahma and of course are not to be outdone in full view,He took a step back,Revealing the true body under the breath,I also hold a ball in my palm,But it’s yellow,The beads slowly fly onto the chessboard,Side by side with blue beads。
“Frugality!”Huo Tianzun frowns,The scolding seems to come a little late,And just this sentence,No more text。
“If I am not allowed?”The holy emperor’s face is obviously gloomy,He secretly scolded Ming Wang for being confused,The other side should not fight,Suddenly jumped out,Obviously radical,Heart attack,Extremely sinister,In the chess game, Tianzun has no advantage,This Qiu Qiu came up with such a loss,Reduce a strong opponent in advance for the Five Elements Palace,To disturb people’s hearts,Destroy imperial morale,The more important purpose is to change the disadvantage of strength。
And judging by the eyes of the holy emperor,Qiu Kejian has a big win,Naturally, both sides will not decide life and death in the free world,The battlefield can only choose the outside world,When fighting for life, it is true spirit power,Stalemate without any supplement from outside,Wannian Tianzun’s old Poppi naturally took advantage,Even though King Ming is a descendant of ancient gods, he is a little worse。
“Holy Emperor’s grace!”Brahma and Great Anxiety,He made an appointment before,The other side ignored,Now the other party suddenly jumped out to provoke,Obviously playing tricks,How can he swallow this breath,Just bow and bow,Almost kneel down,Tianzun in the imperial court does not kneel down on the holy emperor。
“What does Huo Tianzun mean??”The Holy Emperor does not care about Brahma and,But turned his gaze to Huo Tianzun,There is a fierce murderous in the smiley expression,The temperature in the Cao Lu suddenly dropped。
“But with the ruling of the Holy Emperor。”Huo Tianzun is not tepid,Kicked the ball back again。
“Mother-in-law,The Holy Emperor will naturally not rule,If you are courageous,We made an appointment by ourselves,The kung fu of a cup of tea,Laozi is one step ahead。”Talking,Qiu Kejian wanted to reach out and grab the yellow beads。
“Qiu Kejian,You really don’t think of me as two to five?”The Holy Emperor reached out and grabbed Qiu Kejian’s wrist,Neither side will use divine power,Just block with bare hands,But even so,Qiu Kejian’s courage is also big against the sky。