Friday, March 31

Watching Uncle Go Downstairs,Xia Shuyue sighed in her heart,This is fate,So be it。135Chinese

House settled,Xia Shuyue immediately went outside to find two porters,Plus the staff in the store,Move all the machines in the advertising room to the second floor。
“It’s much more comfortable to move up,More space,Feel better。”Advertising department staff,Always work in a small space,Also feel depressed。
“We work together,years later,We will have a bigger office。”Xia Shuyue encourages everyone,Of course I am also happy,It’s nice to have money,If there is no Zhang Siwei,She can’t even imagine such a life。
“This office is big enough,Do you use it all for our advertising department??”Ask alone。
Xia Shuyue smiled,Shaking head,“You only have half,Here is your territory,The other half is used to shoot indoor wedding dresses。”
“what?I thought it was all our advertising department。”The speaker is disappointed。
“Ah for what,It’s much bigger than below,Half of the above,There is also a large space downstairs,How big do you want?”Xia Shuyue pretended to be angry。
Everyone is chatting lively,Cen Cheng is here。
“The big star is coming?”Xia Shuyue patted the stool beside her,Motion to Cen Cheng to sit。
“Sister Shuyue,You teased me again。”Cen Cheng didn’t sit down,But took out a stack of vouchers,To everyone。
“Thank you。”Everyone is very happy to get the voucher。
“This can be used for cash,Eat at no cost。”Cen Cheng is already well-known in the city now,There are some bars,And KaraOKThe hall invited her to sing,Give some appearance fees or coupons。
“We will definitely help you。”Free things are good things,Everyone is very active to join in。
“Sister Shuyue,You go too,Lively。”Cen Cheng invited Xia Shuyue。
“I just forget it。”Xia Shuyue is pregnant,Can’t drink,I went to sit,And she doesn’t like that noisy occasion at all。
“Are you going,Go,Brothers and sisters downstairs,I have issued vouchers,They all said they were going to lively,It won’t be fun if you don’t go。”