Friday, March 31

Xia Jian feels how familiar she is,Woman in a red dress,In his thirties,A face that is not pretty,Under the red lips,Kind of charming。

suddenly,Xia Jian’s inspiration flashed,He remembered,This person is not someone else,It was when Brother Long was banquet,Zhu Hui who soiled his clothes。Why is she here too,It seems that the little drama has become a big one tonight,Xia Jian hurriedly lowered his head,But it’s late,He has been seen by Zhu Hui。
“Yo!I said, who is so bold,Dare to run wild in my place,It turned out to be President Xia of the Venture Group,You are really hidden!When…”Zhu Hui still wants to go on。
“what!This new world was opened by Mr. Zhu,I knew this,I will just forget it”Xia Zhima interrupted her。
“is it?The three princesses here are all released,You even said that,Mr. Xia is really a young talent,Scary wink,Our Xintiandi can’t let you go,But tonight’s consumption Xia will not be lazy, right?!”Zhu Hui said,Slowly approaching Xia Jian。
Xia Jian couldn’t help getting angry,This is obviously bullying,They just sat here for a while,May not even drink a glass of water。Xia Jian smiled and said:“is it?How much consumed?”
“not much,I already asked when I came in,Twelve thousand three hundred”Zhu Hui smiled slightly。
Fang Fang jumped out one step at a time,Shouted loudly:“Robbery!”
Zhu Hui ignored Fang Fang at all,Glancing at Xia Jian frivolously,Speak loudly:“Tangtang Venture Group,I don’t even have this little money, right??This is out,President Xia is not easy to mix up in Bucheon”
This woman obviously wants revenge,Xia Jianyi saw her,I have already prepared,He said coldly:“Won’t pay a penny,Because we don’t consume,And tonight,Is a personal action,Please don’t get involved with the company“
Zhu Hui glanced at Zhang Teng,Shouted loudly:“Since it has nothing to do with entrepreneurship,Let him see clearly,This is Xintiandi,Take this kid’s skin off for me“The woman finally revealed her fierce truth。
Who is standing at the door,Huff,Came up,Zhang Teng pressed his hand to both sides,Who just stand still,Zhu Hui stared and said:“Zhang Teng!what do you mean?“
“Mr. Zhu,President Xia is Brother Long’s brother,You should know this,Do you say i dare to do it?Brother Long knows,I’m afraid you and I can’t confess,Or forget it,It’s a face to Zhang Teng and Long Brother“Zhang Teng accompanied Zhu Hui with a smiling face。
Zhu Hui’s face became very ugly,She said coldly after a long while:“Ok!This face is left to Brother Long”Finished,Left without looking back,I can see that she is very angry。
Xia Jian quickly thanked Zhang Teng,Led them to leave Xintiandi quickly。