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“day,Don’t talk nonsense。”Gold dragon laughs:“Sande,hurry up,Find the place where to get started,The rumors have a lot of good things when they are buried in the year.。”

“This also uses it,Reassure Dao, I am preparing to steal his tomb that year.,So I have left some means。”Santao people laughs and laughs:“found it,There。”
His figure between talking,His figure is hidden,It’s like a ghost.,The golden dragon and the tiger king two guys have followed it.,Three guys are sneaky close to the valley。
Fang Yuanwan’s valley is filled with many fog,Mixed,Clear,It’s like chaos,Contains a peerless murder,The powerful force is filled with。
Countless illusory swords,Each sword carries the power of destroying the earth。
Three people are extremely strange,Careful walking in the void,Golden dragon,Tiger king’s face rishes cold sweat,Two people smoke,One is then smoked。
“Sister,Sande,How do I feel like a peerless killing?。”Golden Dragon Road。
“I rubbed,I think so too,As long as you have a step,Pure god。”Tiger King is also careful。
“This is the chaotic fairy king before falling.,A set of array of personally arranged,Named Wanxian,Don’t say something wrong,Just half a step,Our three people are here today。”Sandao people wiped a cold sweat,He trembled to take a cigarette to ignite。
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Chapter 145 Yuan Shi Tian Wang
“Sande,Your sister,It’s married by you.。”Tiger King and Golden Dragon Wonderful words are green.。
“I rely on,Don’t,All come in,I haven’t returned now.,Tell you,I left a Yuan Shi Tianlei in this grave.,As long as I detonated,Direct explosion,Combating this so-called thousands of swords。”Sandao people。
“Yuan Shi Tianlei,You,At that time, I thought it was.,it is good,However, when we hide when we explode?”Tiger。
“Coffin。”Santao people laughs and laughs:“The coffin is thick?,Yuan Shi Lei direct explosion,Waves don’t get us。”
“Be a strong,it is good!”Huang Jinlong heard this。
I immediately walked along this void.,The pace of three is getting more and more complicated,Be careful,Half the time of half an hour,Three people were relieved。
The terrible crisis disappeared。
Chaos fog disappeared,Replaced one of the vast oceans,Fangyuan Wanli,Heaven and earth are rich,This sea water is not a real sea water,It is a liquid that heaven and earth.。
A huge stone can float in the central area of this Valley Sea,Stone width500kilometer,long1000kilometer,With an ancient vicissitudes。
Golden Dragon is staring at this sea waterway:“This thousands of fairy shattered the gods should also be the Town。”
“Hey-hey,good,interesting,I remember there is a method of array.,Chaotic gathering,Can gather countless spirit,Nourishment,Reverse vitality,Taking the blood of Xuanhuang as the primer,Reverse vitality,Get rebirth。”Golden Dragon laughs。
“good,A chaotic fairy king,Make up for so long,It turned out to make such a out,But I met our unlucky。”Sandao people originally laughed seriously,Changed cold。
Just when the Sandao people were just falling.,Sudden electric flash belt on the sea,Countless sea water flocks to the central stone,The stone center suddenly formed a huge vortex。
This swirls are horrible。
“not good,This guy began!”
Sandao people:“Rush straight,Can’t let him succeed!”The figure between the Sandao people directly rushed,His figure flows smoothly into the stone。
The two people of the golden dragon and the tiger are not vague.,Directly rush,The figure of the three people is integrated into the water flow.。
This area is big water,Crazy reduction in the water flow of the valley,The huge stone is lying on a corpse,This body is like a giant,Wear an old costume。
His hand is holding an ancient sword,His right hand is holding a mouth,Whether it is ancient sword or ancient clock, it is engraved with an old text?,Satisfied with the breath of destruction。
The sky in the stone block is suddenly flowing down.,Following into this giant’s body,This giant’s mouth is directly opened,Crazy drinking these water flow,Sorrowful。
As this giant begins to drink water,He is a life atmosphere begins to recover,His body seems to have a terrible existence,This kind of breath is getting more and more prosperous。