Thursday, June 1

“Bamboo,Big Brother wants you to be the happiest girl in this world.,But now”Every mother is in the hands of Lejia people.。

If there is no mother at the time,His father does not have the opportunity to develop so good.。
How to say,Also take things that belong to mother.。
Li Siki slowly put down the wine glass,in the air,Also filled with red wine。
“elder brother,I will wait until all things come back.,I will marry memories,Trust me,He is a good person。”
“it is good,Brother believes in you to see people’s eyes。”
Li Xingchen laughed,The eyes are full of favor,These years, their brothers and sisters are stupid in Lijia.,Just waiting for a timing。
“Bamboo,Tomorrow, Li’s Group is listed.。”
His low channel:“Father’s capital chain huge,Unshakeable,We may still wait for one, etc.。”
NS1745chapter:Go out
Li Su, I looked at the big brother.,The embarrassment between the eyebrows seems to have been,He is also very wronged in Lijia in Lijia.。
Don’t dare to slam,Only dare to fight knees。
As for tomorrow, She dares to guarantee what the tomorrow will be,Lu Hao Cheng did not call her now.。
“elder brother,We will get better。”Today is the Dragon Boat Festival,But there is no more than a holiday atmosphere at home.,She knows like this early,I promised to come out。
I didn’t expect to be hit by the big brother.,She is actually very lonely,The taste of a person is fighting hard is not good,I haven’t come back after it.,She is used to recalling the cold and gentleness and gentleness.。
his appearance,Warm over her heart again。
Think now,She feels very ridiculous,It was because she made careful in front of her.,She left him.。
Think now,She regrets,He loves himself too deep,It will be so humble in front of her.。
Many people will pay for themselves when they are young and impetuous.,She is also the same。
“Bamboo,Be careful,Two ladies always want to grab your handle,You and Gu Jia Gongzi are what she makes it.,Quasi-quasi。”“Before his legs were hurt,Sitting on a wheelchair,Everyone thinks he is a disabled.,Nothing to do anything is a jealous place,Now you know that he sounds,But it is another code.。”He is worried that the sister is too public,Caught this thing by two ladies
Unrestrained,Let her not worth in the eyes of Dad,The effort in these years will be inverse。
“elder brother,I will pay attention,you do not need to worry。”
And Gu Yi,She is used to thinking about everything,I don’t think clearly.。
Two ladies are now not allowing her attitude,I have never dare to provoke her.。
“it is good,go to bed early。”Li Xingchen has a helpless turn to leave。
Li Shuyu looked at my brother’s back,It is only a while for a while, I will take a tatami sitting on the side.。
Low,Pick up your phone,I sent a WeChat in Lu Haozheng.。
[Continental,Tomorrow’s things……]She did not write,She knows that Lu Haocheng understands。
Here,She has provided a lot of news to Lu Haocheng.。
I hope tomorrow Lu Hoheng will succeed.。
Her father’s project has not been done,It’s just that there is a new energy big project.,All virtual transactions,Early night crashes。
Lu Haocang hits the official service at this study,I have to go out tomorrow.,He still has to finish。
I heard WeChat tone,He looked down at it.,Give Liuxu back to the news。
[wait for news!]
Li Shuyi looked at these three words,Suddenly I want to swear,This Lu Hao Cheng is really a word without exceeding ten words.。
“wait for news,hehe……”Li Su laughed laugh,Night not sleeping outside the window,She should believe that Lu Haozheng is,After all, this man never fights。
She bent again and bent red lips,Going to the wine cabinet,I poured a glass of red wine。
When I turned back, I saw the mobile phone screen bright.,Pick up the phone to draw WeChat,Seeing the news of Gu Yi,All the depressed heart swept this moment。