Thursday, June 1

Countless warcrafts left the offensive against the army,Turn to attack Wright,But fled back into the water because of the terrible killing。

Don Ian·When Tiger arrived with the first support troops,This is the scene。
The seawater around the sixth control zone of the Fourth Division has been dyed red and green by the blood of Ocean Monster。
The soldiers of the Fourth Division have shrunk,On the defensive,Look at a figure on the shallows with admiring eyes。
Right in front of Tiger,Wright held a five-meter-long one with his left hand,The poisonous needle of a sea scorpion with a light blue shiny carapace,Backhand twist!
“Snapped!”The most powerful weapon is broken,The giant sea scorpion wailed in pain,And at this moment Wright has left the sea scorpion,To search for the next target。
Early spring,The sea breeze in the southernmost area of the Magnolia continent in Xili Province has been a bit warm,But Ian·Tiger, the ninth-level fighter, shivered uncontrollably.。
As a ninth level fighter,Kill a seven-level monster‘Blue Armored Sea Scorpion’Nothing difficult,But watching the corpses of Warcraft on the beach,He couldn’t help but compare himself。Although the strongest is the eighth-level monster,But the number of these monsters,Did one tenth kill??
Although confident,But Ian·Tiger knows very well,Don’t say tenths,He can’t kill one twentieth,If he dared to rush into so many monsters,Almost bound to be besieged to death。
A figure silently approached the head of the first division。
“Our legion commander has been killed for three hours,Our brother statistics,He killed at least fifteen eight-level monsters,Over three hundred seven-level monsters,There are very few at level 6 and below,It seems that he doesn’t even bother to kill weak monsters!”Husky male voice in Ian·From behind Tiger。
“Musson!You are scary!”Ian·Tiger rolled his eyes,“I understand what you mean,I won’t embarrass him anymore。Ha ha,Such strength,He himself is equivalent to a division or even stronger,What can i have。Embarrass him again,I don’t have the guts。”
“It’s best if you think so。And in my opinion,This legion commander is not far from the sanctuary,I may step into the sanctuary in a few years,I can’t be a small army commander!”Mousen accent hoarse,But revealed a little envy。
“Yeah yeah!”Ian·Tiger also agrees very much,He himself is also a very powerful genius soldier,But sanctuary,It’s really just a dream。
At this moment, Wright, who was silent and subdued two subordinates,Hunting down a huge cetacean monster。
Although it is also an eighth-level monster,But a body longer than 300 meters,The whole body is covered with similar‘Guardian of the Earth’Ice armor,Longer skull with sharp pointed corners!
Such a huge monster,The ice armor around the body is three meters thick,More thick scaly skin and fat layer。
Wright goes up with all his strength,And only defeated the rock armor,Break its scales,But unable to go further。
“Forget it,This big guy is not so easy to kill!”Wright steps on the sea,Electra was summoned through soul transmission。