Friday, March 31

Li Tianzhen stopped abruptly,This is already a wild mountain,Looking across the mountains and dense forests,Complex terrain,The only road has detoured into the distance,Can’t see the farmland,It’s unlikely that there will be villages and people,“How far is the neighborhood you said?”

“Within ten miles,Judging from the breath,It should be the big mountain in front。”
Facing a mountain of hundreds of feet,The distance of ten miles is really not called the distance,Li Tianzhen immediately took back his spiritual consciousness,So as not to be first noticed by the opponent’s supernatural powers。
“Don’t be so nervous,The opponent has no superior,That guy was not here yesterday。”Li Wen’s sense of spirit and sense of smell are extremely keen,As an ancient god,Its perception of danger far exceeds that of gods of the same level,I have probed the mountain several times while talking。
Li Tianzhu’s spiritual knowledge is not weak,But more worried about the instructor and others,Some rat avoidance devices,Now that Li Wen has determined the position of the other party,He stopped being wordy,Body shape suddenly blurred,Then disappeared out of thin air,The next moment has appeared hundreds of meters away,Then disappeared again,So repeatedly,Constantly changing position,After several times,He has appeared on the mountainside。
“Five magicians,The rest are all mortals,In the cave on the right。”Lihuo detection is more accurate,Basically the same as Li Tianzhen’s judgment。
“Are all weak people。”Li Wen was suddenly relieved,Naturally, the arrogance and disdain of the ancient gods and beasts quickly recovered,It’s very different from the performance of throwing a dagger to hold his head last night。
When Li Tianzhen appeared at the entrance of the cave,Ma Hongqing thought it was Kampot who came back,After standing up overjoyed, I realized that something was bad,Immediately reach out and grab it out of thin air,I have a long machete in my hand,“who?”
Ma Hongqing’s violent drinking is also a warning to his colleagues,Immediately there were three or four supernatural powers offering their weapons,Respective positions,Two of them also took hostages lying on the ground,One person is Quan Xingguo in a coma,The other is Li Ran。
But this series of reactions was in vain,Li Tianzhen’s body suddenly disappeared,At the same time, two puffs of green smoke came out,Turned into two huge beasts,Break the earth and rocks that were squeezed into the spacious cave,Shaking,Suddenly two giant claws were shot out of thin air,Immediately smashed two supernatural powers holding hostages。
And Li Tianzhen has appeared behind Ma Hongqing,Detective hand picked up the opponent’s neck collar,Throw it away with a knife,Hit the cliff of the cave with a chirp,Fainted suddenly。
And in the screams from the other side,Li Wen, who was tumbling in flames, raised his back palm and stepped on the last supernatural power who tried to resist.,With a little effort, he has stepped on this person into a meatloaf。
Two sacred beasts show their power,When I was about to go crazy, I was stopped by Li Tianzhen,There are about 20 people in the cave,All ordinary people,Kneeling on the ground and shivering,I don’t know how sacred the three guys who appeared rashly are,But it seems to be more powerful than the creation god。
And the instructor、Sheng Guangda is in the deepest part of the cave,The two sat upright facing each other,Dull look,I can’t recognize Li Tianzhi anymore。
The tracking and rescue process is so smooth,Far beyond Li Tianzhi’s expectations,But think about it and feel relieved,Kampot’s damage may be more serious than expected,Overwhelmed at the moment,He can’t even care about the hostages,Where are these believers。
But the next moment,Li Tianzhen suddenly thought of a very serious problem,Kampot is so embarrassed,Obviously not free from the threat,Divinity has returned to the Huoyan Temple,Then the only threat to Kampot‘Nirvana handkerchief’,I can’t tell how terrible this thing is,Too disgusting and weird for Li Tianzhen,But even the gods dare not take things lightly when facing things,It seems that the more terrifying side Li Tianchou did not encounter,Dangerous here,Never stay for long。
Space handling has played a huge role at this time,Li Tianzhen is busy all the time,And forced to leave the text、Lihuo help,Soon this group of believers and instructors were moved to the foot of the mountain,He has Yuwen’s space baby in his hand,But I dare not use it rashly,Something so important,There are countless magic weapons and treasures inside,Once by Kampot or‘Nirvana handkerchief’aware,Will bring endless disasters。
Until the phone call Gu Changfeng,Li Tianzhen just relaxed slightly,He believes in the energy and scheduling methods of the other party,What we need to do now is to converge our consciousness,Especially the divine consciousness that separates all supernatural powers and believers,Avoid any mental fluctuations,It is equivalent to making Kampot a blind man,Even if he is relieved,It’s hard to find them。
For the methods of isolating spiritual consciousness,Li Tianzhi knows too much,Liwen、Lihuo is better at,The small magical skills are amazing,Also benefited Li Tianzhen a lot。
Gu Changfeng’s energy and speed even exceeded Li Tianzhi’s expectations,A large number of mobile forces were mobilized in a short period of time,Soon Li Tianzhen’s location was surrounded by three floors and three floors.,Such an excitement also shows that Old Gu is really anxious。