Friday, March 31

Those who cultivated, all those who cultivate are。

Love love only affects the progress of cultivation。
Unless it is a double monk,Otherwise, the woman only has the request,Even the other party。
As for Zhao Xiaoli and Zhao Xiaoling, I don’t know.,I can know that Li Hui Feng is after cultivation.,She understands one thing,It is no longer a world with Li’s wind.。
When Li Hui returned to the courtyard,Discover Zhao Xiaoling and Zhao Xiaoli is helping some things in the yard。
“Ling Sister,Scull,How do you still do this?。”
I heard Li Hui’s voice,Zhao Xiaoli is obvious with Zhao Xiaoling.,But soon, I saw a happy meaning from each other’s eyes.。
“breeze,How can you come back so fast??
I thought you can’t come back tonight.!”
“Forehead,Why can’t you come back??”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoli’s appearance,Li Hui also doesn’t know what to say.。
“Is this still said??
You and the Korean factory manager is individual understanding the relationship between you.,Starting from the last town secretary,You two look like the eyebrows,I know that it is not general。”
“In addition, you make her a long,This has proved some of my guess.。”
Li Hui heard Zhao Xiaoli,Also hilarious:“Are you so obvious??”
“Yup,In fact, the scorpion regrets.。”
Li Hui is a bit wonderful。
“Regret to pull my sister.,Women around you are more beautiful than one,At the end, our sisters are likely to be abandoned by you.。”
“Scull,How can you think so??
I won’t have this idea.。”
Zhao Xiaoling is also open on the side.。
“breeze,No matter what you have?,In fact, this is,I follow my sister with you sooner.。”
“It is better to have a short pain with it.。”
Zhao Xiaoling’s exit,Li Hui’s heart suddenly has a small feeling。
“Xia Ling sister,What do you mean??
Will not think about leaving me??”
“Um,In fact, I don’t want to,But for you.,Also for myself,I don’t feel like this.。”
“If you have a child later,I am talking to your child.?
Underground feelings?
Small three?
Or wife”Li Hui Feng immediately detached:“Naturally a wife.,And still legal。”