Friday, March 31

“Please,Please,This home is a big squad leader.,Don’t be polite with me,I always thought that you will be the same as yourself.,I didn’t expect that I have to have a big squad.。”

Say,Li Hui also quickly gave Han Shanshan to let the road。
Han Shanshan stepped on a delicate high heel sandals,噔 噔 噔 走。
I watched some,But there is no discovery。
Li Hui Feng also seeing Han Shanshan seems to be looking for,Just uncertain, the other party wants to find something。
“Big squad leader,What are you looking for??”
“Humph,I can’t see it.?”
Although she said on her mouth,But still find a place to sit down。
Li Hui’s wind is to enter the house to take out two cans of ice drinks and the other side.。
“Big squad leader,I see your heart.,what’s up?”
“Lee,I have a few questions I want to ask you.,But you must tell the truth.。”
Seeing Han Shanshan’s face serious look,Li Hui is also stunned.。
But still nodded:“Row,go ahead!”
“first question,Are you looking for Zhao Xiaoli’s sisters together??”
This question is exported,Li Hui is stunned.,Why didn’t he think that Han Shanshan will suddenly ask this question?。
“Big squad leader,You ask this question some of themselves.!”
“Is there any?”
Han Shanshan looked seriously with Li Hui。
Han Shanshan looked at this,Li Hui Feng is also some hesitation。
But he knows that these things should come or come.,Some things are not so easy to hide.。
Li Hui is very serious about it.。
See the moment Li Hui’s nodded,Han Shanshan feels that his heart is broken.。
She never wants to see,The thing that is the least willing to know is asked by her.。
Looking at Li Hui, there is a silence。
Han Shan Shan’s tears flash。
“Do you not want to explain??”
“Is explained meaning??
And I explained,Will the big squad guild believe??”
“you do not say,How do you know that you won’t believe it??”
Somehow,At this time, Han Shanshan wants Li Hui to deceive her.,But she understands that Li Fah is not going to deceive her.。
“This is a bit long,Or some of this story,In fact, I was at the beginning I didn’t have any intersection.。”
“And all this is Liu Dafu one hand.,I actually rejected many times.。”