Friday, March 31

Rui Rui returned home for more than 12 o’clock,Fu Yingxue has never slept him to give him the door.,Tan Lin took a very due diligent alert.。

“Ritual,Have you found someone??”Fu Yingxue asked Qi Rui to bed,
“I have found them.,But because comrades of the prime minister do not let us meet directly and Liang Bozhen,So I will leave to find a little man to let her pick up.,As a result, I met the devil special affairs from Hong Kong.,And Liang Bo said they miss。”
“This means that they have evacuated before the devil special agent.?”
“The surface is what it means,We also need to investigate this matter,People also need to continue looking for,Just now look for them in the whole city.。”
“Did you have a clue??”
“Comrade the prime minister suspect that they went to the US Consulate。”
“They should all be American nationality,I really can’t say it.。”
“So I will check it tomorrow.。”
“Ritual,You just said that Shaoguo Zhao also wants to find a specialist.,Are you not reporting that he canceled it??”Fu Ying Xue asked,
“The telegram has also been gave him.,He is still so sure that there should be someone in us.,This situation you also need to reflect the organization。”Ritual,
“No way,If you have a lurking devil special agent,The level of this person will not be too low.,To know that the confidential level of the comrades is not low。”Fu Yingxue said,
“not necessarily,I have seen Xia si in Yan’an.,She also became a teacher.,But one thing can be sure,That is, she teaches some middle cadres.,So the organization has checked。”Ritual,
“The little devil’s intelligence work is really no hole。”
“Our comrades are not the same!”
July 12,shower,Rui Rui continues to let the Mansion’s special agent to find Liang Bozhen,He sent Song Jianban to the public rental,Let Tang Ruiqi go to the law。
Rui Rui Makeup to Hongzhangfang Cafe,Bernard heard that he had the fastest speed from the fastest speed.。
“Mr. Qi!Finally, you have shown up!”
“Mr. Bernard,Hello!I have been given to your information.?”
“Very satisfied,I think this time you won’t let us down.。”Bernard laughed,
“We never let our customers disappoint!”
“Mr. Qi,I would like to ask you a question,You will follow the Japanese、German、Italian transaction??”
“Mr. Bernard,We are intelligence traffickers,Maybe exchange information with anyone,But I can guarantee you that,Most of the majority of our offerings are fake intelligence when we are in exchange information.,Even if there is a true intelligence, it is also beneficial to the allies.。”Ritual,
“Ha ha……I also feel like this.,Otherwise, you should be chased.。”The US intelligence department has investigated this mysterious intelligence trafficker.,I don’t want to find this intelligence analysis.,But now is nowhere。
“Mr. Bernard,This time I give your intelligence quite important to the allies.,You must pay attention to,Don’t wait until you lose money, regret。”
NS459chapter Three intelligence
Bernard is quite trust in rushed to the rush,This says he hurriedly asked:“What intelligence?”
“I have a major intelligence with your American relationship.,All value million,Do you pay for money??”
“As long as the value,We pay!”
“it is good!I will give you an intelligence first on our previous cooperation.!But when can your money give me??”Rui is very greedy asking,
“Value million intelligence……Can this take a few days??”Bernard asked,
“As long as you speak integrity,I will tell you one first.,Let you know what kind of intelligence is worth millions.!”
Bernard also thought it was a million intelligence,Listening to this intelligence,“Thank you Mr. Qi’s trust,You can rest assured that as long as the intelligence value is this money,We will never pay。”
Qi Rui nodded:“Then I will tell you now.,Two a two-month World War will start,Your Americans can make a big war.!”Rui Rui said with a congratulations,Because the allied countries at that time need the US weapons and equipment,Especially in my country。
Bernard listened to the old man asked:“Two two months, the second World War began?Is it Germany to attack Poland?”
At the time, the international situation is still clear.,Because Germany has anneeded Czech,Next, I have to play the target is Poland.,Once the British law will be able to respond,I definitely declare war to Germany unexpectedly.,Second World War II!This intelligence says millions of,Hellroup。
“In September,This intelligence can be worth millions?”
“value!Second intelligence?”This is an amazing intelligence,What else,Bernard can’t wait,
“This intelligence is related to your US,Advise you to pay attention to!The Japanese developed a new type of fighter,Now named zero,This fighter has a very high dog fighting ability,Is the gratitude of your existing fighter,When will I give money?,When I will give this fighter’s information to you.!”