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The birth of the head is held by the woman’s wall and holds the advice of the limbs.:“……”

He bowed his head and looked at Yanzhi.,I also looked at my own hands and feet.,Quarterly:“Overlord hard bow?I don’t eat this set.。”
Yan Zhi thought that he immediately broke out,I have waited for a while.,He has no action,Even the struggle of resistance。
竹 开。
The consultant is not resistant to her face.,It seems to wait for her next step.,Just listen to his hidden authentic:“so what?What else do you have to do??”
NS79chapter Chapter 79
“What do I dare to do?……”
Yan Zhi smiled toward him, Gentle,Full is a good meaning,Take advantage of this delay time to switch the mode, Slightly tied a sentence, “People are not afraid that you are gone., Anxious。”
The expression of consultant is suddenly extremely difficult,“speak nicely。”
Be guilty of disgusting?
That’s right。
Yan Zhi went backwards:“Then you guarantee,I am let go, you don’t leave.?”
The consultant has slightly covered a white eye.,Brain is backwarded with ice wall,Half-side face,God『color』Jade:“Let go。”
枝 见 见 见,Latency:“Nare brother has a lot, Affirmation is not allowed to be more than this thin branches。”
Yan Zhi opened the door to see the mountain authentic:“Qi Mingyu’s thing, It’s, I’m hiding you.,I am wrong。At that time, it was seriously related.,One person knows more dangerous, So I didn’t tell you.。”
Consultant’s aroma, did not believe her words:“Said so crown,Saying that it is still believed.。”
He is equipped with a model:“Also, We have no relationship after all., You don’t have to tell me not to tell me。It’s my own stupid, Barba is posting,It’s just a joke.。”
“This is the matter of the Missing, I naturally say it is said to hear it.。”
Yan Zhi hurriedly stuck him,“If it is my own business, I certainly trust you.,Will tell you。”
Consultant Yuan quiet。
Yan Zhi continues:“From our understanding,I am cheat you in order to swindle you.。This is really no, You eliminate gas,Why is forced to make you feel free for this??”
“To you,It’s a big thing.‘This matter’NS。”
Advisor is not too satisfied,It can be seen that the attitude of branches is called very sincere.,The remaining depression is quite a lot。He tilted in the direction of 竹,The eyes are staring at her.,The sound suddenly lows,“You really didn’t deceive me again.?”
枝 has a moment of shaking。
It seems that the whole body and mind can only see the advice of the patrio.,Prooperative,Heart gods have a weak shake。
Fortunately, this shocking time is not long.,Yan Zhi quickly recovered the Qingming。