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“Owner,The eight countries were blown up.,In fact, there are still many mountains.,I will go to the white tiger mountain.。”Dolo meditated:“However, the resources on this Mars are all divided.,In principle, this area will be drawn to the flower flag.。”

“Are you divided by all the regions??”Lin Feng wrinkled frown。
“All areas are divided into melons,Is the owner not??Now announced that the whole wind star belongs to the Ms.,This is the first to first occupy.。”Dolo wrote a bitter smile on his face:“This is also an agreement between the power of eight countries。”
“Is this agreement now??White Bear Empire compensates to the star Xuan Tie for the Eighth Country Forces?Where do they go to mining??”White is dead。
“This white bear empire exploits,Eight countries will naturally do not manage。”Dolo Point:“Mining refinement consumes huge cost,However, the white bear empire is compensated.,I want to exploit it again.,Will definitely be against the opposition,Now the eight-national power involves the Brahman,God。”
“All right,Don’t consider so much。”Lin Feng said with a smile:“First exploit,Since the Miya is coming,Then you have to re-divide!”
NS1032chapter 365Mother’s ball
“good,Since the Miya is coming,To re-divide。”White is dead, I also laughed and nodded.:“But the president,I suggest you try not to have a conflict.,I have a policy。”
“What plan?If it is possible to mining Xuan Tie,No conflict,That’s better.。”Lin Feng smiled and said,He is not afraid,But don’t want to be more。
“President,You have a perspective,When I heard that the owner mining these ore,Directly pull the most pure black water from the ground,The owner directly purchased the ore from all major regions.,Of course take those best。”White is dead:“Dolo,Eight-country forces cannot announce the territorial sovereignty here.?Is there a place with no sovereignty??”
“This is indeed,They are only occupied by the mining area,What is the sovereignty here?,Birds are not pulling,Do not,Even the birds are not。”Dolo laughed。
“Yes,Even the birds are not,There are quite a lot of zones in this area.。”Cardik also laughed:“White means that the owner relies on the perspective,Take out the good ore,Then bring to those land,We refine!”
“good,So,And now the great power is not coming.,Nuclear explosions occurred again in the mine,I don’t know how to dig them.。”White is dead:“Will take good star Xuan Iron,We refine!”
“Older gingers are more spicy。”Lin Feng thumbs up:“it is good,Just do this,Since this,I am welcome.,Dolo,Find a region without sovereignty!”
“Then let’s go to this foot.。”Dolo pointed to the foot of the foot。
“it is good!”Lin Feng heard a little bit,When you fall in this earth, bring everyone.,This is a flat zone,Although there are ore on the ground,But very rare。
“This area is an inexpensive area。”Dolo explains:“Master name。”
“Qinglong!”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Flat zone,Ground gravel is very large,Then it is called Qinglong Desert.。”
“it is good,It is called Qinglong Desert,I remember this round1000There are very few ore,This area is our base card.。”Dolo laughed。
“Then build it here.。”Lin Feng heard the thoughts:“All right,I’ll go now!”
White,Dolo et al. S nodded,When everyone does not delay,Imported the equipment,Start installing equipment here,Prepare to refine the star Xuan Iron here。
Lin Feng’s figure is in the empty,Soon, I came to the base of the gods.,This base has been completely destroyed,Go now, the stick is still there.。
“what,what is this?”Just then Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly fell on a half-mountain waist.,Half mountain waist flashes a cold light。
His figure has gone,Suddenly see this is an ancient sword,Lin Feng reaches out this ancient sword,The ancient sword fell into Lin Feng’s hands.。
A swager,The trend of horror swords were suddenly burst on the original gray sword.,Rushing horizon。
“Not a soldier。”Lin Feng looked at the ancient swordway in his hand.:“It was not destroyed in such a sharp nuclear explosion.。”
I immediately got out this handle of the ancient sword.。
After Lin Fengwangwei,Perspective is open to the depths of the mountain,Suddenly he waved,斩 向 this hillside,A terrible sword light is on the mountain range。
Dramatic explosion sound,The collapse occurred on this mountain,Then the sound of the bang sounded。
Lin Feng reached out,A horrible sucking suction swept。
A housing size boulder rolled out,Then the next time is falling in front of Lin Feng,Dragling by Lin Feng’s true gas,This boulder flutter red,It is like a burning star.。
“Good and pure starry iron ore!”Lin Feng looked at this star Xuan Iron ore.:“it is good,it is good,I will explore this quality.!”
Lin Feng continued to go,Started in this base to launch crazy mining,A huge ore was excavated by Lin Feng.,Every star Xuan Iron ore is very good。
After a time, Lin Feng dragged these star Xuan Iron ore is a bit.。
“have3000Tonne。”Lin Feng looked at the ore road from his feet:“go!”Talk between Lin Feng with these ore,His figure starts。
After dozens of breathing,His figure came to Qinglong Desert.,Then he falls from the sky,Dozens of huge boulders fall from the sky,I fell in the ground,Suddenly caused the shock of Dolo et al.。
“This!”Dolo,Cardik and other three people stunned。