Thursday, June 1

“Hey-hey,good。”Lin Feng glanced:“Tang Shu,You don’t have to open。”

“rule,One yard owned by a yard。”Tang no laughter:“All right,Finally, it is too yin flower.。”He spoke to take a huge box from the table again.。
This box is used as a jade carving.,Big face size,A flower is placed inside,This flower is beautiful,Every petal is probably dumpling size,Foot and foot36Flap,Inside the thrill。
Let everyone present in the scene feel a chill。
“good,It is too yin flower。”Lin Feng stared at a flower inside.。
“Xichuan,How much is calculated??”Tang has no shortage to Tang Xiuguan Road。
“Still38Billion dollars,Old man,Why are you going to check out??”Tang Sichuan shouted a word。
“Send them back at night。”Tang no lack of good luck:“People who are wolf home and the Ray family are disabled.,Not afraid that people go to the door。”
NS293chapter Wolf king
“wipe!”Tang Xichuan heard a sentence。
“Tang Shu said good,We must rush back at night.。”Lin Feng also laughed,In fact, it is Tang’s no lack.,He also rushed back in the night at night.。
Lin Feng took the mobile phone between talking,Go directly to Tang Sichuan38Billion dollars。
“Maple,Again,Limited to Tang family’s rules,I can’t intervene some things.。”Tang has no lack of arrogance to Lin Feng:“Can only sell more to you on the hidden,But in my understanding of these three,They will not give upstairs。”
“Tang Shu,There is no need to polite between us。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Do not worry,I will pay attention。”
“These three,to be honest,Even if we want to destroy one of them,Also pay a heavy price。”Tang no lack of lookout:“Never look at the seven bronze forces,The fews in them are too deep.,Otherwise, it will not inherit for hundreds of years.,Even thousands of years have not been destroyed。”
“Don’t think about attacking the door,They are not Shenlong。”At this time, Tang Fengyun also reminded the road.。
“I understand,In fact, I will understand when I come to Tang family.。”Lin Feng smiled and said,real,After coming to the Tang family, he shocked the hearing of Tang family.。
Building a city above the mountain。
Millennium immortal,Several families who have once and Tang family,They fall out of the gold level forces,Just because of the master of the sky,And some bottoms will definitely keep down,Including wealth,Hidden organ,Some masters hidden。
“it is good,As long as you know,Xichuan,Send them to the airport。”Tang no laughter:“Fengyun directly from Zhongzhou City to Donghai City。”
“it is good!”Tang Xichuan heard the head。
“OK,No-brother。”Tang Feng Yun also nodded。
“Tang Shu,Wholly。”Lin Feng walked up:“I will see you again when I have time.,Or you go directly to Zhongzhou City。”
“Ha ha,it is good,Remember that when the bronze conference, please take a drink.。”Tang no lack of words, Haha laughed:“Go back,Be careful on the road。”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,Immediately and Tang Sichuan,Tang Fengyun,Mu Jun Wang,Cheng Tianlong four people left the small courtyard,After half an hour, they came to Wushan South Thirty Miles.。
A super large godg888Transporter。
Lin Feng,Cheng Tianlong,Mu Jun Wang,Tang Fengyun boarded a plane,The plane is full of wine tits。
“day,Xichuan,When you are loading it??”Lin Feng looked at the ages on the plane。
“It’s not easy,I have already prepared it.。”Tang Xichuan is standing in the plane:“Be careful on the road。”
“knew,Let’s go back。”Lin Feng waved。
Tang Xichuan ignorant,Aircraft gradually launched,Then I will fly directly to Zhongzhou City.。
Northwestern China,Desert depression,A piece of oasis in it,Fangyuan 30 miles,Ancient wood ginseng,Wolf sounds,Here is the family headquarters of Huaxia Wolf.。