Thursday, June 1

In the crowd,Let’s open a road,Zhao He Mountain and Sun Chenghai,I looked at Shen Xuan.。

They are very curious,In front of this person,Who is it?。
Sun Ting,Shout at this:“grandfather。”
Sun Chenghai is very unexpected,But the face is coming out of your gratifying look。
But Zhaohe Mountain is very angry,this matter,Come people have some unexpected。
Zhao He Mountain,A hand stands out to point out to Shen Xuan。
“stop,What identical?,Are you eligible for you??”
The thirtieth chapter skill is unparalleled,Dragon nine turn
Crisp sound,Suddenly sound。
A time between,Surroundings,All stunned。
Have a face of Shen Xuan,It’s even very angry to see Shen Xuan。
“You actually dare to hit me.!”
Such a thing,It’s not very unexpected.。
And those people around,There is a big one,Trend of Shen Xuan。
He is Shen Xuan?,Turn out to see these people in front of him。
Play them,What did you count??
“you know,Why do I hit you??”
Shen Xuan’s voice falls,Others heard words,stunned。
It’s not a hit.,What else?
But unclear,Still raising your head and see Shen Xuan。
“Not very small,What qualifications do you have to talk to me??”
“Playing you a slap,Be all light。”
Shen Xuan’s words,Let Sun Chenghai look secretly。
This young man,It is really very powerful。
Let Sun Chenghai look at it, the more you think,This young man,Very yourself young style。
Sun Ting also came to Sun Chenghai at this time.。
Sun Chenghai looked in front,Couldn’t help but ask:“Tingting,What kind of person is this young??”
I heard Sun Chenghai said so.,Sun Ting’s cheek is not a red。
“grandfather,He is my boyfriend Shen Xuan。”
After Sun Ting said,I don’t even dare to see Sun Chenghai.。
actually,Sun Ting’s heart,It is also nervous to the extreme。
After all, she and Shen Xuan are together.,I don’t know that Sun Chenghai will pay attention to it.。
But this time,Sun Chenghai,But brow,Sudden smile。
“sure,This young man,very good,I really appreciate。”