Thursday, June 1

Li Tianchou doesn’t know how to answer,Xiao Song has a point,But there is also a feeling of disappointment,Anyway, I didn’t do it well。Since evacuating the compound,I rarely have the opportunity to chat with her alone,It’s common not to see each other for a few days。As for the promise to return to Cai’s home, he always remembered,But there is always no accurate spectrum in time,No wonder people are unhappy。

He even has an urge,I want to take Xiao Song Shanren right away,Go back to Cai’s home for two days of peace。Even sitting side by side silently by the pond,Watching Uncle Geng fishing is also a great joy,But is this too abrupt??While scratching his head,Fu De opened the door and walked in。
“Lao Fu is back so soon?”Li Tianchou immediately let out the breath that was on the top of his head,It’s like seeing a straw,Greet quickly and warmly。
Fu Er was taken aback,Few people in charge of Xindao greet their brothers like this,Subconsciously look up,I immediately understood what was going on,I almost wanted to smoke my mouth。
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Four The rules
But it’s too late,Fu De can only bite the bullet and make up lies:“Forgot to take something,Going out soon。”You have to lift your feet and turn around。
“and many more,Put the work in your hands first,So easy to get people together,Let’s talk about something important。”How can Li Tianchou easily let go of the old pay?,I couldn’t make a big effort just now,I had to quickly borrow the donkey from the slope。And Fuld’s previous suggestions are too important,He also wants to take this opportunity to solve the problem as soon as possible。
Xiao Song got up and left the seat when he stomped,But was also stopped by Li Tianchou,“Xiao Song plus Zhu Lei,The four of us must sum up the company system,Just go to the office upstairs。”
Fu De can do nothing,Take a peek at Xiao Song,Then step upstairs。Xiao Song is quite simply,The swiftly locked drawer followed。
Soon four people gathered in the office,Li Tianchou cleared his throat,A lot more serious。Explained the reason for calling everyone,Then let Xiao Song introduce the running water situation of the restaurant in the past month,Then Fu Erde talked about the previous suggestions on establishing a company system。Concluding remarks,Let’s settle this matter today。
Fu De and Xiao Song stunned,I thought Li Tianchou was on a whim,Just talk about it,After all, just now,Many things can’t be rushed,But he didn’t expect him to be serious。Zhu Lei was also surprised,But think about it and feel relieved,You have to set the rules,Now there are more stores,No matter how good his brain is, I can’t remember so many things。In the past, Uncle Geng wanted Fu De to regulate management when he expanded his business.,Later because of being busy,Finally failed。If Li Tianchou had this idea in the early development of Yuxing,Then the foundation will be much stronger。
In that case,Everyone takes it seriously,In terms of management,The level of Li Tianchou and Zhu Lei is almost,So it’s basically all suggestions made by Fu De,Xiao Song added,Then four people discuss。
A full afternoon,It’s been dinner time,Yuxing’s real company articles of association and management system are officially released。Li Tianchou sighs hard,I didn’t expect to have so much knowledge,The process that he and Zhu Lei participate in the discussion is the process of learning,A lot of half-knowledge is still in my head,Need to digest slowly,If there is no Fu Erde and Xiao Song,He and Zhu Lei can’t figure it out if it’s so exhausting。
Charter is the point,In addition to the overall development plan of Yuxing,The core issue is the split of shares,If it wasn’t for Fu De’s patient explanation,,Li Tianchou really didn’t take it seriously,After careful consideration, I discovered its importance。
The entire Yuxing Company,Uncle Geng Possessed40%Shares of,Entrust Li Tianchou with full management;And Li Tianchou himself、Uncle Hai’s wife and Xiao Song Gezhan5%,Zhu Lei、Peng Weihua、Qi Baozhu and Fu Erde hold together10%Shares of;What I didn’t expect was that Dong Hui’s wife’s shares were also taken up.15%;leftover20%It’s everyone,No further breakdown,Entrust Zhu Lei and Fu Erde to manage。
This allocation ratio is an original plan of Uncle Geng,Would have given Hai Bald more,But he doesn’t want to。Later, with Dong Hui’s wife’s stake,After Fu De re-calculated according to Li Tianchou’s request,Just got such a result。
Li Tianchou never doubted the result of this calculation,Generally reasonable,Zhu Lei and others have no opinion either,That’s it。
In terms of management system,Several principles that Li Tianchou values most are also implemented one by one,One of them is a breakthrough,Completely different from the original old Yuxing。Is to set salary standards for everyone,Including Qi Baozhu、Peng Weihua, none of these core personnel left。Change the previous practice of only giving red envelopes without salary。