Thursday, June 1

Bald and panted:“Report it if you have the ability!He slept with my wife”

“Even if he broke the law,Also executed by the public security organs,How old are you?Don’t you understand the law?Or go out for consultation?”Xia Jian word by word,Deliberately scared the bald head。
Unexpectedly, the bald head smiled and said:“Don’t scare me,Even if i go in,But he has a job,Then forget his job”
“Oh!It seems you still have this mind,OK then!Let’s die!You go back to get the money now,First make up his medical expenses。As for other expenses,We will calculate separately after being discharged from the hospital。As for the matter of sleeping with your wife,Let’s talk about it when he is fully recovered”
“Also I remind you,Flies do not bite seamless eggs。Presumably your wife is not a good one,So who is sleeping,That’s hard to say”Xia Jian is so clever,The bald head has nothing to say for a while。
Gao Qiaoli,Smile on my face。Xia Jian let go of her bald head and said:“Get out!I am waiting for you to come over,Otherwise I’ll never end this matter with you”
Bald stared at Xia Jian,So he took his two people and walked away quickly。Xia Jian just asked Liu Qiang:“What exactly is going on?”
“Hey!I might be caught by their husband and wife。When my bald wife met her,She said she is single。Divorced two years ago。I got along with her for the purpose of getting married,She didn’t expect a husband to appear on the way”Liu Qiang said,A little helplessly shook his head。
Xia Jian shook his head and asked:“What does this woman say?”
“She ran away when something happened,No one shows up these days,No call”Liu Qiang said,Took a long breath。
Xia Jian glanced at Gao Qiaoli,The two walked out of the ward together。
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Avoid Liu Qiang,Gao Qiaoli told Xia Jian:“This matter cannot be reported,Can only be private。Otherwise, Liu Qiang won’t have the face to stay in the unit anymore”
“Humph!The bald head caught Liu Qiang’s seven inches,Dare to talk to him。But I have to put the words here in advance,I don’t know about it, then forget it,Now i know,I definitely want to take care of it”Xia Jian snorted,Said angrily。
Gao Qiaoli took a breath and said:“Don’t care about it,Who else cares?I want to manage,You didn’t see the bald head’s tone to me just now”