Friday, March 31

Then his consciousness returned to the body,And the ancestor of the white tiger in front of him flew backwards!

The ancestor Baihu jumped out of the pit clutching his chest,Vibrant veins on the forehead,Since Mao Xiaofang, the head of the exorcist,,He has not been injured for more than 200 years。But tonight I vomited blood twice in a row。
“Chen Xiu,You really surprise me constantly,I won’t take you tonight with your last name!”
The ancestor Baihu flew over,A few indulgences are already in front of Chen Xiu,A pair of poisonous hands spread out like eagle claws,Grab Chen Xiu’s head。
Seeing the eagle catch is about to touch the top of the head,
At this moment。
A whistling sound。
Chen Xiu’s body is covered by a round silver light,Dozens of infinitely cut silver vortexes rotate at high speed。
Zhang Yuantu and others who watched from the side exclaimed in shock。
It happened suddenly,The ancestor of the white tiger is a master of the product after all,Do not retreat,One hand turned into thousands of claw shadows,Forced into the whirlpool of Chen Xiu Promise。
One is that something happened suddenly,One is ready to go,The difference is more than a thousand miles。
A series of pops,Watching,People who don’t have innocent body protectors suffer from ear drum pain,It is presumed that the ancestor of the white tiger blocked Chen Xiu’s vortex composed of Wu Ji Slash with amazing vigor.。
Blood spatter。
The ancestor of the white tiger carried a bloody light,Soaring in the air。
The vortex formed by Promise Slash is as fast as a tornado.,Roll up。
Howl like a wolf,
The ancestor of the white tiger seems to be transformed into a bat,Go away。
Baihu ancestor lost。
“Chen Xiu,I will return……”
Baihu Patriarch’s voice came from a distance,Zhang Yuantu and others confirmed that Chen Xiu really won!