Friday, March 31

“Nothing,Just saw your car in front of me,Say hello to you!Hey!I heard that Ma Yan is about to give birth?Why didn’t you look after her?”

Wang Youcai said,Took out a cigarette and handed it up。
Xia Jian waved his hand and said:“I don’t smoke,Thank you!Should be soon!Woman giving birth,What am i going to do?I can’t help much”
“Where are you going?Get on the highway!If you go into the mountains,Then we two are the same。Hey!You have been to our base,Why don’t you go play with me today,Dig a few scenic trees to plant at the gate of your house”
Wang Youcai has everything,No matter what others say,He has a way to correspond。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“thank you for your kindness,I’m going to Bucheon,After finishing this,I really want to go where you get some good trees to plant in front of the house。It’s late,I’ll go now”
Xia Jian said,Chao Wang Youcai waved his hand,Get into the car and drive away。Damn!do not know why,Xia Jian always felt awkward when he saw this Wang Youcai。But now Wang Youcai is more than before,Really changed a lot。But this person is so evil,Have to guard。
After driving the car forward for a while,After throwing away Wang Youcai,,Xia Jian leaned the car to the side of the road again,Then I took out my phone,Called Bai Li。
One call,Xia Jian lowered his voice and said:“White manager,Tell you one thing,You give me a secret investigation,Don’t let anyone know。You check,Have we registered a private hospital in Pingdu??And this boss is named Wang Youcai。Check the ins and outs for me”
“I know Mr. Xia,I will handle this right away,Don’t worry。
Finished calling Bai Li,Xia Jian drove the car on the highway。at the very beginning,Feel full of energy,Xia Jian drove for five hours before taking a break in the expressway service area。
I could leave after lying in the car for a while,He suddenly felt a little thirsty,So I rummaged in the car for a while,I didn’t even have a bottle of water。Without any choice,Xia Jian had to walk towards the small supermarket in the service area。
The scale of this service area is not small,When Xia Jian walked into the small supermarket,I found a lot of people inside。He took a few bottles of drinks and mineral water,When I just paid the fee and walked out of the small supermarket,I suddenly heard someone calling his name。
Xia Jian surprised,Hurriedly looked back,I saw a white-haired shawl,A beautiful woman in a white suit is smiling at him。
First2533chapter It was her
Xia Jian was dumbfounded,This woman seems familiar,But he just can’t remember。
“I am Feng Xiaowei,I can’t even be too old to recognize you!”
The woman came over with a big laugh。Wait until approached,Xia Jian recognized it now,He couldn’t help but cried out:“Feng Xiaowei!why you。Ouch!Really didn’t recognize it”