Friday, March 31

Ge Hong became blood-based,Whether it is the cause of the elixir or the cause of the practice has not yet been determined!

In case it is the reason,I practiced too《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》Gongfa,What if I start to become bloodthirsty too!
Although I am no better than discriminating against zombies,But I don’t want to drink only blood for the rest of my life,Lao Tzu is also a billionaire,I haven’t tasted so many delicacies in the world,Become only drinking blood,This is not to be depressed!”
Chen Xiu thought about it,I can’t help but startled myself in a cold sweat,Hurry up and take out the phone,Open selfie,Open mouth,Turn your lips to show your teeth and check again。
“Fortunately it didn’t grow longer!”
Chen Xiu patted his chest and sighed,In case it is really cultivation《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》Zombie,That’s too cautious。
You know, but I don’t know if I practiced alone,Ou Sheng and Li Lili also practiced,If the two of them become the beautiful and bloodthirsty vampires in the movie,There are too many dead!
Continue reading the scriptures,Since there is no way to improve the technique,He skipped the surgery,See the following text directly。
There are far fewer papers in the dharma chapter than in the dharma chapter,Only a few pages thin,The more Chen Xiu looked, the more scared he became,Because the above content is too familiar to him。
“This……This is not《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》The above exercises!
But it’s still a bit different。
The gas route is the same,However, the above is also simplified as I did before.,More suitable for ordinary people to practice。
It’s just that the practice method in this article is after too many people repeatedly figure out,It’s much more rigorous than my random changes,Estimated to be better!
But too one person,How did he get it《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》?
correct,Too one person was originally the Taoist boy beside Ge Hong,When Ge Hong flipped through the scriptures,He serves,Can naturally follow the reading!
I will try,What is the difference between Taiyiren’s simplified exercises and my reforms!”
Now is to carefully read the Taiyi version of Cultivation Technique,Chen Xiu was already bad luck?Read in the heart,What I need to remember now is the separation between breathing rate and luck,He just read it three times and he has written it down。
Chen Xiu sitting cross-legged,Hold on,With breath and breath,The zhenqi in the body will then flow,It runs automatically。