Friday, March 31

The light truck finally blocked Tao Meng’s figure,The roar of the engine is already hysterical,The driver is afraid that he has stepped on the accelerator,But besides,Nothing happened,The killer hiding in the dark did not move?Just now at the very moment,Quan Xingguo almost stood up and rushed forward desperately,React with the opponent、Better than luck,Anyway, I can’t just watch Tao Meng being killed by the opponent,At this moment, his heart feels like a ghost gate,Finally couldn’t help but look back,The truck just passed Tao Meng’s position,But Tao Meng is missing。

Not only is Quan Xingguo accident,Gu Jian, who was just lying in ambush in the grass and ready to rush out at any time, couldn’t figure it out.,But at this moment,There was a gunshot in the woods opposite,Bang bang bang bang,As dense as popping beans,The twists and turns made Gu Jian dumbfounded,Is there someone else behind Tao Meng??
“Xingguo,Sixty five degrees,One hundred and fifty meters!”There was a roar in the woods,Turned out to be an instructor!
“Bang,Bang。”Quan Xingguo has turned around long ago,And found traces of the gunmen escaping,Fired twice without hesitation,The companion who was close behind also shot,Unfortunately,The opponent flees too fast,The timing is also very clever,Actually ran away unscathed。
Three unidentified gunmen are hidden in the woods,Two of them have become corpses,Another shot in the right chest,Constantly coughing up blood,In the end, the person rolled his eyes and swallowed during the instructor’s hurried rescue。
“Nima’s!”The instructor cursed,Stand up and kick the rocks around you far away,He has nowhere to vent,Just now at the very moment,Can’t help but kill,I didn’t even stay alive,This time not only caused trouble, but also stunned the snake,It is difficult to infiltrate Funiu Town in a short time。
“How about Tao Meng?”
“Injury is not fatal,But too much blood loss,Go to the hospital。”
“Gu Jian,The one who left this to you,Ride my motorcycle,I hid a pickup in Nanzhuang,The sooner the better。”
“Yes。”Gu Jian took the car key,Busy arranging to go。
“Instructor,What to do next?”Quan Xingguo was also stunned,Suffered a big loss and made no achievements,Tao Meng was also seriously injured,He can’t understand the situation too much for the time being。
“Temporarily withdraw from Funiu Town and Zhangjiaji,Go to Nanzhuang。”The instructor frowned,I don’t know the difficulty of the journey without the beginning,Without collision, you don’t know the complexity and strength of your opponent,The previous intelligence and cognition were still too superficial,Must be handled carefully。
“In addition,Xingguo to control the truck driver just now,Everyone else withdrew,Gu Jian and I deal with the funeral,Report the case to the local police station as the provincial department。”The instructor repeatedly weighed,Still decided to go through the normal channels,Proper pan,Make the locals have a headache。
Chapter six hundred and ninety nine Hardened Road
The southeast foot of Wufeng Mountain at night,Moonlight,The black mountains and jungles are like beasts of different forms,Or crouch,Or upright,Or roar up to the sky,Deep forest dense in the valley,Rocky rock,A sinister place at the end。