Friday, March 31

Zhou Ye wondered。

Xu Ruo::“I have to chase it like it.,I like a girl when I am young, then I haven’t chased it.,Let me regret life.。”
Xu Ruozi said when he finished this sentence.,I am afraid my wife heard it.。
I have born my child.,His wife is also character change,And Xu Yanbi is a three-day a big two days a small noisy,The home is a chicken and dog.。
So sometimes Xu Ruo is wanting to be brave as you think.,Is that, there will be a different result??
“Teacher Xu,I really just give a gift.,You see the name。”Zhou Ye looks at the big characters written by Li Baosheng.,Suddenly discovered the rescue straw。
“Teacher Xu,You see the name。”
“Teacher Xu,Name,It’s really not mine.。”
Zhou Ye is excited to point at the bottom of the bottom of the box.,His eyes put light,That originally wronged heart,This moment is like a fire of a pot of fire.,I found a vigorous feeling.。
Xu Ruo is looking at the eyes of obsidian.。
But he high my eyes.。
Can see a fart。
He thought it was Zhou Ye, I was joking.,Shake the head:“Naughty……I will tease the teacher.,I don’t eat your dog food.,Let’s check the room.。”
Is this what the legendary is more black??
Zhou Ye also gave up explained,Holding the medical record clip follows Xu Ruobing to the depths of the ward。
The speed of the property is very fast。
Go back to17Bed in front of the bed,Xu Ruo is also deliberately smiling:“Do you know that I am so fast today??”
Zhou Ye, my mood is like a stone like a stuff like a heart.,It straight to top,Make his throat,Bored,So listen to Xu Ruobing,I don’t know what to answer.。
“Teacher Xu has something.,What is important will be open?。”Zhou Ye I asked。
Xu Ruozhi picks up eyebrows,Laughed。
“I will give you a gift to you.。”
Medical research
NS478chapter The bed patient wants to go home again.
I sent his mother’s gift.。
Really, I have to send.。
Zhou Ye is desperately looked up at Xu Ruozhi,Just wanted to speak,The result is directly interrupted.:“You don’t want to talk,Listen to the teacher,Teacher gives you some suggestions……”
Zhou Ye:“I……”
Xu Ruo Bing:“you shut up,Listen。”
Zhou Yewu’s edge-distinguished handsome assassin seems to have a depressed black cloud,This kind of feeling that can’t be told in my heart,Be really difficult,He feels that he is more embarrassed than Dou Yu.。
And all of this culprit is Li Baosheng’s dead fat.。
Um……It’s a fat man!
Zhou Ye, my heart, the truth directly goes directly to the hospital broadcast station,Open a big speaker,Then broadcast the voice channel:“Gift is Li Ben Sheng,And I have a yarn relationship with me。”
But he doesn’t have this permission.,radio station,On the leader level。
Zhou Ye wondered,Xu Ruo is telling how you give a gift to girls to give gifts.,And Zhou Yewu is forced to press the wall,After listening to it completely。
“I am really a grievance.……”Zhou Ye is a red,I feel that I am really tragic,I woke up in the morning, I was thinking that I have to pursue Lu Min.,Also sent a gift box that killed Matt。