Friday, March 31

No hesitation,A knife sounds sound,The magic soul knife appears in his hand,A knife,The horrible knife is swept。

Two knives, hit, hit the flooded flood。
A big sound explosion,Lin Feng’s figure was shocked out.,The whole person falls in the void of more than 100 meters,Tiger mouth fresh blood crack,I spit a blood in my mouth,Five internal organs vibration,Faceless。
“Devil’s knife!”Huangquan’s Lord is slightly surprised to watch the knife in Lin Feng’s hand.,He wanted not to have a knife in Lin Feng.。
“Lin Feng!”Night Qing Dynasty。
“I am fine.,happy!”Lin Feng haha smiled from Huangquan water to stand up,He is dark,Panic, running five poisons。
But the poison here is more horrible.,Lin Feng is difficult to resolve for a short time。
“Boy,Nothing.?”Huangquan’s Lord has a laugh and look at Lin Feng Road。
“Hurt,so horrible,These four major methods are so horrible.,Third weight,The second weight is not more destroyed?”Lin Fengxin, looked at the authenticity of the inheritance。
“In fact, it is almost in power.,But the speed is different,Third weight faster。”Huangquan’s Lord No God explains:“Even I should be careful,And the third speed is fast again.,The fourth weight is fighting with the guy.,His speed I don’t say you know。”
“I really want to have the opportunity to break down this life.。”Lin Feng looked at the edge of the hormon,That is like a magical figure。
“Ha ha,Me too。”Huangquan’s Lord has no gods and I heard Haha smiled:“All right,Cold,You can go now.。”
“Uh-huh,But this Yellow Spring is water?”Night Qing Dynasty, looking at this waterway。
“The water here has changed。”Huangquan’s Lord No God explains:“No negative effects on you,Instead, you can quench your body,You live directly to swim,This is also the ancestor is ready.,You will know when you go down.。”
“Um!”Night clear and nodded,Her beauty looks at the place ofher,Then I looked up and looked at Lin Feng.。
“Go back,come on!”Lin Feng smiled and came over,His face has become like charcoal,lifeless,Exposed smiles like African black people。
“Flutter!”At night, I looked at Lin Feng’s look and smiled.,Her figure walks into the water,Sure enough, there is no negative effect,And then hug Lin Feng。
“Envy!”Lin Feng looked at the night clearing of the night.,Nima,This is the road to the cold, the cold, the ancient Jingshu, a road to the future.,Almost few people rob these things。
“This natural envy,All right,wait me back。”Night cleansing, Lin Feng,Then after holding the sky, the gun is directly walking in the Yellow Quan sea.。
Just at this trip,The surrounding Huangquan water has an dark rays,These dark rays with extremely distinguished breath,Surpling the gods of the night cold,The breath of the cold is climbing on the cold。
Her breath is like breaking a bottleneck.,Directly broke a new realm,Directly into the situation,Self-waste martial art,Preliminary construction of the god magic,She has already taken a semi-steps.。
Today, the next floor。
“When the ancestors furnished this venue, the ghost valley master,Specially refined a drug,Nine nine gods。”Huangquan’s Lord is not a laugh and explains:“This water can improve,Dispel,Removing God of Devil,Let her emperor’s emperor of the night awakened!”
NS677chapter I am waiting for you for a long time.
“Nine nine gods!”Lin Feng heard the slight shock:“Removing God of Devil?Thoroughly awakening the emperor of the night,This will not appear accidents.?”
“How can it be unexpected?,Can the ghost valley be calculated??”Huangquan’s Lord is a laugh:“The ancestors also checked。”
“This is also。”Lin Feng heard the thoughts:“Ghost valley will also refine the drug?”
“nonsense,Not telling you,Everyone is all,Not only the medicinal medicine,God soldiers will also refine。”Huangquan’s Lord No Papers:“It’s hard to imagine how people may understand so much.,But it is existent。”
“Untrophic,Isn’t this ninety-nine god magic water??”Lin Feng suddenly asked。
“Hey-hey,it works,But side effects,It is necessary to bear the truth of the gods.。”Huangquan’s Lord is a laugh:“Can only use the emperor of the night。”
“sharp,sharp。”Lin Feng went to the admiration,These people can be a cattle in thousands of years ago.,For thousands of years,Inheritance,This means can be described as a counter。
“Ha ha,This is of course powerful。”Huangquan’s Lord is no haha, smile:“And most of these water is hidden in the Nether Starter。”