Thursday, June 1


Lu Haocheng got up,Place the stool to kick the golden air。
Golden Yao does not dare to avoid,Hard students under the suffering。
“Um”He spoke,This is over。
The whole Huang’s is finished by his stupid big.。
“Jiefin,Take people all sent them to the police station,Give evidence to the police,Make police sanctions。
Lu Hao Cheng also pointed to Huang Xiaoyu:“Send her to the casino。”
“what”Huang Xiaoyan listens a few words,Scared soft sitting。
Looking at the golden money for help:“Yellow manager,We are people within a family.,You can’t see death,I am for you to sin.。”
“You can’t open it, let me look at the Lu Guan to send a fire pit.。”
Golden Yao didn’t see her,He is now unfolded now.,Where there is something to keep others?,If you don’t accident, tomorrow morning will,Huang’s Shares plummeted,They finished their yellow family.。
Even if you can’t finish it.。
And this yellow child knows a lot of yellow family.,It’s been sent away.。
Lu Haocheng’s eyes were cold and glanced.,No stay,Leave a good job,He drove himself to the hotel in Golden Yao.。
Blue Xin came over,Lin Ye has already gone from the hotel with Kiki, who is unwaketime.。
The clothes were torn.,Lin Ye wrapped Kiki with a coat。
Blue Xin looks at the child’s state,Pupil,“Kiki,she”Lin Ye is angry:“Blue,Kiki is fine,That little animal has not succeeded。”
Blue Xinhong,Even,This is also the shadow of Kiki’s heart.。
All she,Did not take care of your daughter。
“who is it?”
Blue and ruthless look at Lin Ye。
Lin Shuoxia:“Your classmate,Huang Ziyu。
”“Oh shit,I have to kill the bastard.。”
Blueness, desperate, rushing everything。
NS1499chapter:You give me your mouth.
“Ran Ran,return。”
Blue Xin looks at the back of his son。
Lan Jun:“Mother,Go with him.,Let’s send Qi Qi to the hospital.。”
Of course, you will go to the bastard.。